10 Things You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask For In A Relationship

10 Things You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask For In A Relationship

Hey, girls! Just like it is difficult for you to read your partner’s mind at times and know exactly what he wants, similarly, it is challenging for him too! Communication is the key in every relationship and it is essential for you to have an open dialogue with him and not feel afraid to even broach uncomfortable topics. Here’s a list of things you should ask for in a relationship!

1. Compliments galore

It can be him noticing and complimenting on your new haircut or how a colour looks good on you, a compliment always works wonders! You shouldn’t feel shy or untoward to ask your partner to commend you from time to time. It only shows that he is attentive towards you.

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2. Consideration is key

You should make sure that your opinion is taken into consideration before any important decision involving the two of you is made. Be assertive and speak up for yourself.

3. Space it out

Yes, spending time together is important but giving each other space is also vital. If you feel that you need some time out to spend by yourself, by all means, let him know that.

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4. All things time

If you feel that your partner is not giving you enough time, don’t be afraid of letting him know the same. Tell him frankly that, at times, you feel neglected or ignored by him.

5. Ask for his advice

There are times and situations where you might need his advice or just a second opinion in making up your mind. We’re sure that he’d be more than happy to help after all, he's your go-to person, right?

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6. Your identity

If your partner’s personality is overshadowing yours or you feel that your true self is getting lost somewhere in the relationship, talk to him about the same even though you feel an inherent hesitation in bringing up the topic.

7. Patience helps too

We all have hectic work schedules and lifestyles owing to which our personal lives have to be put on the back burner for a considerable time in the day. Which is why patience is crucial in any relationship. If your partner is patient with you, he’d know that you’ll certainly make it up to him after cancelling on a dinner date.

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8. Mutual acceptance

Let’s face it, none of us are perfect. But he should be accepting of your little quirks and mistakes, as you of him!

9. His encouragement

Times you are feeling really low, don’t think twice before asking him to boost your morale and just take your mind off whatever is bothering you!

Ladies, the bottom line is that you should feel loved and supported in your relationship and shouldn’t be wary of asking for what you deserve.

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