11 Funny & Not-So-Serious Lies We’re All Guilty Of Telling Our Mom-In-Law!

11 Funny & Not-So-Serious Lies We’re All Guilty Of Telling Our Mom-In-Law!

Come on, out with it. You’ve told some harmless little lies to your Mom-in-law. Well, it isn’t exactly a major crime. We’ve all done it at some point or other. Here are a few lies every woman tells her mother-in-law to sometimes save herself or to get out of an awkward situation, skillfully and smoothly!

1. “I love the dress”

MIL gets you a dress and even though it is not of your taste, you cannot stop telling her how much you love it just to keep her heart and make her happy. You might not wear the dress often, but this little lie would not hurt anyone.

1harmless lies

2. “He wanted to eat that”

It takes time for any girl to reach a comfort zone with her mother-in-law. Sometimes, when there isn’t food made of your choice at home and you don’t know how to tell her that, you often tell her that it was your husband/her son who wanted go out and grab a bite!

2 harmless lies

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3. “Very important meeting at work”

Don’t want to attend the boring kitty party lunch? “Sorry mom, I have an important meeting,” is every married woman’s favourite excuse and lie!

3 harmless lies

4. “You look fabulous?”

It is difficult for a girl to tell her MIL that a particular colour isn’t suiting her or that an outfit is not looking nice on her. We girls often tell them that they look good and that should always be the way about it!

4 harmless lies

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5. “People tell me I am really good at…”

It is natural for girls to tell their MIL’s about how much others praise them and their qualities. This is done by us girls to just get into the good books of our mother-in-laws. Statements like “everyone loves my cooking” or “I am always on time” are what we girls often tell them. And believe us, it works!

5 harmless lies

6. “Working till late today”

While planning a date night with hubby, sometimes we don’t want our in-laws to know the same and thus we often tell them that we are working till late and would be coming home after dinner. Trust us, it is always a great trick.

6 harmless lies

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7. “I am consulting a gynae”

It’s common for all MIL’s to get after their daughter-in-law’s life to get pregnant soon. They often look at us with a smile each time we step out of the room in the morning and get excited when holidays are planned, hoping that you would give them the “good news” soon. Thus, we girls avoid the ‘good news’ question by telling them that you are consulting a gynae and her ‘dream project’ is on its way.

7 harmless lies

8. “Hahahaha”

MIL sends a silly joke and WhatsApp double tick lets her know that you’ve read it and not replied?! Well, replies like “what a joke” or “can’t wait to forward to my friends” is what we all girls often say and should!

8 harmless lies

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9. “He is all yours”

Well, of course NO. But if saying that makes her happy, then why not?! Just say it!

9 harmless lies

10. “We missed you”

Even though you and hubby had a gala time at home when your in-laws were traveling, you do tell her that you missed her a lot while she was away!

10 harmless lies

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11. “I woke up at 8”

Whether you have really overslept or just wanted to laze around in bed for some few moments… Just tell her that you were late because you were cleaning your cupboard. Sorted!

11 harmless lies

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