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10 Thoughts You’ll Have If You Just Found Out You’re Pregnant!

10 Thoughts You’ll Have If You Just Found Out You’re Pregnant!

What could be better than the feeling of a life growing inside of you. A mixed bag of emotions, here are thoughts that will run through your mind when you find out you are pregnant.

1. Was the test right? Should I do it one more time, just to be doubly sure?

Oh, the anxiety of a new life.

2. Is it a boy or a girl?

Wish I knew so I could start shopping?

3. OMG, I can eat without worrying about my weight now

3 you are pregnant - oh my god janice friends

Not really, but it’s a good thought for starters.

4. No periods for nine months….yayyy!

Enjoy your vacay.

5. Whoa….life’s gonna change now!

Big time girl…big time!

6. Wow…my body will be creating a life within…how beautiful!

6 you are pregnant - mind blown jenna marbles

And miraculous it sounds.

7. Will I be a good mom?

Of course. You’ll be awesome!

8. Gosh, I have to wait nine months for this?

Beautiful things take time my love.

9. Omg, omg, I have two hearts beating inside me.

9 you are pregnant - woman shocked surprised


10. Can’t wait to meet you lil one. This is going to be one long wait!


Published on Aug 3, 2017
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