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Dear Hubby, 13 Little Ways Only YOU Can Get My Heart Racing!

Dear Hubby, 13 Little Ways Only YOU Can Get My Heart Racing!

Your husband can annoy and tease you as much as he wants, but he can still set your heart racing with some of his adorable actions. The most sweetest part being, he is completely unaware of his effect on you, which makes it even more special! Here are some of the cutest things your husband does that release those butterflies in your tummy.

1. When he holds you tight in a crowded place so that you aren’t pushed around or hurt in any way!

Because you’re really precious to him and he just cannot let anything or anyone hurt you!

2. When he sneakily winks at you while sitting among all your family members...

Those few seconds of sexy eye-contact not only set your heart racing, but also usually end up in great sex afterwards!

2 things your husband does winking guy

3. When he sends you random messages in the middle of the day that say (or mean) ‘I miss you!’

He doesn’t necessarily spell out these exact words, but he shows that you’re on his mind even when he’s away from you! And that’s an amazing feeling!

4. When he steals a quick kiss in a public place...

The adrenaline rush it gives you is tremendous. Not only are you all happy and blushy after that, but just like the sneaky winking, this also usually ends up in some awesome sex!

5. When you’re having a bad day and he gets to know it without you having to say a word!!

And you are left wondering just how strong your telepathic connection is! It’s like, he just looks at your face and knows something is wrong!

5 things your husband does deepika crying

6. When he treats your family like his own and enjoys their company

It could be him pulling your leg in front of your siblings, having a beer with your dad or helping your mom with something, becomes a seamless part of your family.

7. When he surprises you with something you had your eye on since a long time…

Even if it’s something very small like that cutesy diary that you wanted to buy but didn’t have the time to order. You can almost feel your knees turn to jelly when he does stuff like this!

8. When you catch him watching you sleep with the most loving expression on his face!

OMG the feels! When you slowly rub your eyes open and find him looking at you like his life depends on it… Undoubtedly, the best thing to wake up to!

8 things your husband does twilight

9. When he helps you apply nail paint to your toe nails.. Or any kind of makeup for that matter!

It’s a lazy sunday, and he’s helping you out with your nail paint. This is a very adorable sight that you just can’t get over!

10. When he cuddles with you while sleeping, even though you both know it’s super uncomfortable for him!

His arm is your favourite pillow, and he knows it! Even though it might be slightly uncomfortable for him, he just doesn’t say a word, and quietly snuggles up with you!

11. When you beat him at a beer drinking competition and he's all sulky!

Doesn’t he look the cutest with that sulky pout of his! And that confused expression that says he is totally unable to understand how you chugged that beer so fast!

11 things your husband does joey friends

12. When he patiently waits for you outside the trial rooms on your never-ending shopping sprees

And he looks so cute standing there with all your shopping bags, patiently waiting for you to come out so that he can give you his opinion. Even though he knows you’ll still choose what you want to anyway!

13. When you vent out all your anger on him and he simply hugs you to calm you down!

He doesn’t utter a word, does nothing to show he’s hurt and only tries to calm you down by hugging you and holding you tight! This is when you truly realize how much you love him!

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