10 Signs He Is Definitely Not Into You (Move On, Girl!)

10 Signs He Is Definitely Not Into You (Move On, Girl!)

Girls, aren’t many of us constantly trying to decipher guys and all that’s in their minds? In a relationship, we often wonder to what extent he is in it or not, what he meant when he said ‘XYZ’, why he’s being so aloof… the list of questions and doubts is endless. Here is where we come to your rescue, as we tell about 11 sure-fire signs that he is just not into you. Have a look and figure it out for yourself.

1. You don’t quite feature in his list of priorities.

First comes his family, then his friends, followed by his work, football, Xbox, sleep and then maybe you. His priorities are clear and he makes you feel like you don’t really feature at the top or even at all.

2. He never initiates calling or texting.

This is a given - a guy who isn’t into you will not be the first one to call or text you ever, and you will constantly have to initiate conversation.

2 he is just not into you - harry potter bellatrix

3. He hardly ever compliments you.

This pretty much sums up your relationship with this guy. You keep craving some sugar, whether it’s compliments from him or intimacy. He, on the other hand, doesn’t quite seem interested, leaving you unhappy and frustrated most of the time.

4. He doesn’t really pay attention to the little details.

If a guy is into a girl, he pays attention to the minutest things details like her favourite color, the ice cream flavour she likes most, things that put her off and so on.  After all, it’s the little things that matter. So, if your guy pays no attention to your likes and dislikes then clearly, all that isn’t of much interest to him.

4 he is just not into you - doesnt pay attention

5. He’s perpetually on his phone, even when you’re around.

When you guys go out on a date, he spends more time on his phone than with you. He could be texting friends, or be on Facebook or skimming through general news updates. Girl, you know where you stand if news updates are a priority over you.

6. He always prefers hanging out with you in a group.

This one’s a no-brainer! He always prefers hanging out with you in a group than going out on a romantic date with just you. And when with his group of friends, he makes no attempt to introduce you to them as his girl.

6 he is just not into you - prefers hanging with a group

7. You’re not the only one for him.

When you are out together, he doesn’t feel ashamed to flirt with other girls. And when you bring this issue up, he shuns you by calling it perfectly acceptable social behavior and instead puts the blame on you for being all too paranoid.

8. He’s always late when you both plan to meet.

If your guy shows up late to meet you almost every time, that’s a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. After all, a gentleman never keeps his lady waiting.

8 he is just not into you - you wait for him

9. He steers clear of the ‘L word’.

No matter how hard you try, he always manages to dodge the word ‘love’. If he always says he needs more time, let us burst your bubble girl, you might have to wait a lifetime!

10. He doesn’t try too hard to keep you in his life.

Guys are on their toes if they’re really into a girl. So, if your guy is not making much of an effort to keep you in his life whether it is by introducing you to his friends or spending time with you, he isn’t a keeper, ladies.

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