Dear Hubby, Can We Please Pose Like *This* At Our Wedding?!

Dear Hubby, Can We Please Pose Like *This* At Our Wedding?!

Your wedding album is your trip down memory lane, the place where you can relive the most special episodes of your life. And it definitely has to capture and preserve all the emotions that you’d have experienced on that particular day.. Wondering how? Well, here are some interesting poses for the bride and groom, which you should definitely copy at your wedding. We bet, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

1. The one where LOVE is in the air!

Wouldn’t you love to strike this pose with your hubby, while all your loved ones cheer for your ‘happily ever after!’

2. Nothing spells romance like a couple on a jhoola!

If there is one supremely romantic thing Bollywood has given us, it is the florally decked up jhoola with an insanely in ‘love couple’ on it...And this pose can never go wrong!

3. Bonded and taken for life, Mister!

How adorable is this? Hands down the cutest kidnapping ever!

4. The ‘I’ll always listen to you, boss!’ pose...

Well, this is true now, isn’t it? The wife is the boss of the house, so you better listen to her!

5. Do not mess with me, or else...

Just another interesting pose that you can try with your hubby if you want to have some fun with your wedding shots! Blown away, like literally!

6. The typical Bollywood style pose

We totally love this filmy pose as much as the setup. It looks so colourful, and so much fun. Isn’t that what weddings are all about?!

7. Rains, umbrella and love!

The vintage rain and umbrella pose has an undying charm, which is still a favourite among couples! We love it, what about you?

8. One for the banno with a swagger...

Isn’t this one so cool? We just can’t get over how natural and easy this badass bride looks on the Harley! #Goals

9. Two sides of the same coin?

The twirling beauty and the jumping jack make for a very cutesy picture, don’t they?

10. Some cutesy teasing and so much love!

Take this picture at your own risk *wink*. But it does make for a super fun addition to your wedding album! Something to laugh about in the years to come!

11. This is what love looks like *dreamy eyes*

Aww! You and your hubby have each other’s heart, and this is a great way to show it to the world!

12. Because doggy’s are BAE!

Your pet dog is just like your own kid, in some cases even more precious. So, if you are someone who loves their furry friend more than anything, this is a must-have picture in your album.

13. Yash Raj feels, anyone?

This pose instantly reminded me of the song Bahara Bahara! The royal background and the lovey-dovey duo, just make for such a super adorable picture!