Rishta Meeting 101: 10 Things You Should NEVER Do!

Rishta Meeting 101: 10 Things You Should NEVER Do!

Arranged marriage meetings can sometimes be quite nerve-wracking, we know that. You meet a guy, his family, and decide whether you want to get tied in the ‘forever’ wala bond with him or not. Therefore, being nervous and doing things that you wouldn’t do under normal/ simpler circumstances is a possibility. But, there are some things that you absolutely must not do during rishta meetings. Here they are… Take note, ladies.

1. Act like somebody you are not

The first and foremost mantra to finding THE guy for yourself is to be what you are. If you fake it, you might end up losing a perfectly good guy!

1- not do during rishta meetings

2. Demean the guy because you do not like him

We understand that you might not like the guy very much (from first impressions and everything), but you do not have to make it obvious.

3. Seem disinterested in the conversation

Every person is different and has his/ her own interests. It may happen that you and the guy have hugely contrasting opinions on something, but even if that is the case, just don’t yawn in his face and seem supremely bored or disinterested.

4. Ask the guy outrageous questions that might be offensive and insulting

We know that asking each other certain questions is very, very important during an arranged marriage meeting, but timing is the key, girl! Do not ask him highly intrusive questions just as you both sit down to talk.

4-not do during rishta meetings

5. Lie about something because the truth, according to you, is not worth mentioning

You do know that you might end up marrying this guy, right? So, it’s always best to put the truth on the table in the very beginning, to avoid facing repercussions later.

6. Make any negative comments about his family

Everybody loves their parents, because they are the most awesome people ever! So, even if you do not like his parents, do not let him know! You always have the option of refusing the rishta later.

7. Give in to unreasonable demands from the guy or his family

It’s nice to be respectful and behave nicely, but that doesn’t mean you start singing or dancing or doing any random thing the guy or his family wants you to do.

7-not do during rishta meetings

8. Make an instant decision because of something he said or did

I know it’s very easy to judge, but you have to understand that even the guy is nervous just like you are. So, do not make any decision based on any one thing he said or did wrong.

9. Agree to the match just because the guy is good-looking

Okay, he might be super hot and so yummy! But, let’s face it, that is not a good enough reason to get married to him, is it?

10. Make a commitment before talking to your folks first

It’s great if you like the guy and your personalities match. But, your parents always know a lot of things better than you. Take their decision into consideration before taking a final call.

10-not do during rishta meetings

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