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Hairstyles Men Love On Women (Plus, The Ones They Hate!)

Hairstyles Men Love On Women (Plus, The Ones They Hate!)

Apart from beauty, wit and charm, a stunning hairstyle is also what captures a guy’s attention. The kind of hairstyle that speaks volumes about a woman’s personality and defines her beliefs. While some hairstyles are flattering and downright sexy, there are a few of them that simply don’t make the cut. If you want to know what kind of hairstyles men are crazily into, here are 10 hairstyles guys love (Plus, the ones they don’t!).

What’s HOT:

Boho Waves

1 hairstyles guys love wavy hair

It’s no more poker straight hair that wins his heart. It’s long, wavy hair that makes his heart skip a beat whenever he sees you. He loves your locks because they’re loose, soft and gorgeous. To him, you’re the epitome of all that’s effortlessly chic!   

Loose Curls

2 hairstyles guys love wavy hair

ANY guy will tell you that women with curly hair look stunning and unique. Most of these  women give off a sexy vibe and find it easier to draw a man’s attention. After all, curls are soft and super tempting to touch. *Wink*  

Side-swept Waves

3 hairstyles guys love sidewaves

Men love women who can balance their look flawlessly. Side-swept waves don’t only give off a glamorous vibe, but a flirtatious one as well. The hairstyle teases men by showing off her attractive neckline and features.

A-Line Bob

Nope, the messy bob don’t impress most men, it’s actually the A-line bob that does! Men fancy this hairstyle because it looks so different and pretty. A woman who can pull off this hairstyle is instantly perceived to be bold, stylish and confident.

Ombre Coloured Hair

5 hairstyles guys love ombre hair

The two-toned hair colour trend is an instant turn-on for most men because it looks so raw and unique. The style subtly tells a story about the woman and it’s that very individualistic trait men find irresistible.

What’s NOT:

Blunt Bangs

6 hairstyles guys love blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are anything but attractive for most men, as to them it looks plain and boring. Apart from your forehead, blunt bangs hide your ears, collarbone, neckline and even eyebrows! That’s neither sexy nor exciting.

Tight Top Knots

7 hairstyles guys love tight bun

Buns look pretty if they’re loose and tidy. A super tight top knot draws too much attention on your facial features. Sure it looks neat, but no brownie points for it being creative or flirty. Along with your bun, you could try experimenting with braids or accessories.

Basic Ponytail

8 hairstyles guys love

Sure basic ponytails are comfy, but they aren’t really attractive! In fact, men think of them to be too casual, uncreative and reserved. In short, they think minimum effort went into making the ponytail look the way it does.

Shaggy Hairdo

9 hairstyles guys love Shaggy Hairdo

Shabby unlayered hair is far from being attractive. It comes off to be a messy bed hair look and makes men think of you to be untidy and haphazard in real life. Opt for layers that are proportionate to your facial structure and give you a balanced look.

Excessively Long Hair

10 hairstyles guys love long hair

Every girl dreams of having long hair. However, this hairstyle doesn’t suit everyone as it depends upon body structure and personality. Long hair with no layers looks dull and monotonous. It’s also high maintenance and cumbersome to manage! (Yep, splurging on styling products, shampoos, oils and conditioners, can burn a hole in your pocket).

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Published on Jul 17, 2017
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