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13 Little Habits Of Happy Couples Everyone In Love Should Know!

13 Little Habits Of Happy Couples Everyone In Love Should Know!

Ever noticed how some couples are so connected with each other that it feels like they just fell in love yesterday? The thing about love is – it shows! And no amount of time you’ve spent with each other can change that. So if you are just starting on your journey and you feel you are with the love of your life, take cues from some long term couples and start building a happy, loving life. Here are some habits of happy couples!

1. They don’t pretend

Because they don’t need to. The chemistry is obvious and they know how to keep it real and raw – that’s the key.

2. They hug often

More than constantly kissing (that’s for newbies anyway), you’ll find their bodies are drawn to warm each other with gentle, meaningful cuddles. Even if it is a 2-second hug.

3. They have inside jokes

And they wouldn’t tire of laughing at it for the 15th time. Even if it feels silly.

3 habits of happy couples - couple laughing

4. They fight

But don’t ever take it to bed or the next day. They know it is best to agree to disagree.

5. They celebrate each other’s success

Even if it was a small thing at the office; they know the appreciation will keep the other going.

6. They listen

And not just hear each other out. And yes, they do know the difference between the two.

6 habits of happy couples - couple talking eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

7. There is respect

For each other as individuals and there are no qualms about who or what the other person is.

8. They have an inner circle

Of common friends and family who are always there for them and they’d be available for their circle through thick and thin. Everyone needs a support system!

9. They are hot, hot, hot!

In bed and outside it too. They even dress sexily – sometimes, just for each other.

9 habits of happy couples - blake lively ryan renolds

10. They give each other space

But they know their partner isn’t too far when needed by them, physically and emotionally.

11. They don’t fidget with gadgets with the other around

'Coz they genuinely love each other and would prefer to talk to them than sink into their smartphones.

12. They keep each other involved

In every big or small thing they do. The partner is number one priority anyway!

12 habits of happy couples - emma stone ryan gosling

13. They appreciate each other

Sincerely. And they thank the Lord each day for giving them this happiness! Awww!

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