15 ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Comments EVERY Girl Is Sick Of Hearing!

15 ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Comments EVERY Girl Is Sick Of Hearing!

‘Log kya kahenge’ for Indians, has killed more than a million dreams. If you are an Indian girl, you know exactly what we are talking about when we talk of the things Indian aunties say. BTW who are these people and where do they live? As annoying as it gets, we still have heard these aunties pass their subtle judgements in the form of ‘log kya kahenge’. Here are 15 such statements that, we bet, you have definitely heard!

1. Itne saare ladke aur ek hi ladki?’

God forbid you have more guy friends than girls. It automatically makes you someone whose future is doomed.

1 things Indian aunties say aunty bollywood

2. ‘Science nahi arts loge?’

But Sharma ji’s beti has got the first rank and science - both!

3. ‘Ye dress thodi choti nahi hai?’

The more the length, the more your moral values.

4. ‘Raat ko 12 baje ghar ke bahar?’

Also your morals go for a walk after 12.

5. ‘Poora time phone pe lage rehte ho, ladka kaun hai?’

Of course it’s a boy we are talking to. It can’t be work aunty ji. It just can’t be!

 5 things Indian aunties say aunty bollywood lilly singh

6. ‘Tumhe khana banana nahi aata?’

Women were born to be in the kitchen. Did you not know that?

7. ‘Hamare time pe toh ladka ladki ko pasand karta tha, aajkal pata nahi kya kya hota hai!’

Of course! Love always means with the opposite sex. Dare you have love for someone else. Also not for the opposite sex until it’s time to tie the knot!

8. ‘Ladki ho, time se shadi kar lo!’

Because you cannot be a girl and have ambitions other than marriage!

9. ‘Ye kya tattoo hai?’

Because ache ghar ki ladkiyan tattoo thodi karati hai?

 9 things Indian aunties say aunty bollywood faint

10. ‘Tumhari bra ka strap dikh raha hai!’

People don’t know. People shouldn’t know!

11. ‘Ye ladkiyan kitne khule main sex ki baate karti hai!’

Because aunty’s kids were dropped on her gate by storks.

12. ‘Par tumhare sirf 75% aaye?’

Because anything less than 90 makes you dumb.

13. ‘Thoda inn ladko se door raha karo!’

Because you are dumb and can’t make your own decisions. Also, they will influence you to be a ‘bad girl’.

13 things Indian aunties say aunty bollywood

14. ‘Beta ab umar ho gai hai, kuch ladko se baat kiya karo warna late ho jayega!’

Decide, woman. Decide!

15. ‘But itna makeup toh sirf actors lagate hai!’

Your face is not your face. Let everyone else decide how it looks! Okay?

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