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Use THIS Trick For The Insta-Worthy Hair Of Your Dreams!

Use THIS Trick For The Insta-Worthy Hair Of Your Dreams!

Every time we come across a picture of a celebrity online, apart from ogling at their dreamy and ultra chic outfit, we cannot help but notice their luscious looking mane. Their hair always being on point is something we’ve made peace with, assuming that they have a stylist on standby at all times, because well, it’s part of their job to look awesome all day, every day! But because we are curious AF, we found out their secret weapon - It is clip-in hair extensions! Take a look at our nifty guide to using this hair accessory. You’re going to love your Instagram-worthy mane, ladies.

1. Why you should use them.

Hair extensions aren’t only for those who have scanty or fine hair, of course they add oodles of volume and length but if it is a full ponytail that you want or a large messy bun for which you require a certain length of hair, then clip-ons are just what you need. So, all in all, thin or dull hair can be transformed into a voluminous, luscious mane. And short hair can be made long and silky in no time, thanks to these extensions!

2. What are the different types.

While hair extensions made with human hair are recommended, synthetic ones are more cost effective, especially for temporary use. Human hair extensions can be permed, coloured and chemically treated and also styled with hot tools. Synthetic ones on the other hand, should not be styled with heat or chemically treatments as that tends to spoil them immediately. Both these types are available in different lengths, textures and colours to suit your preference.

3. How to wear clip-in hair extensions.

They are to be clipped under your hair with a small snap on the clips. All you have to do is ensure that the section of hair under which you clip one on isn’t narrower than the extensions. The ones with silicon clips are more user friendly as those don’t slip. You can use as many as you like, depending on the volume you’re looking to add to your hair.

4. The benefits are plenty!

Well, if at any point you want a hair makeover - be it with colouring or curling or straightening - instead of making your actual hair go through harsh styling treatments, all you can do is clip on some awesome hair extensions. Also, if you’re attending a wedding or party where you want a particular kind of hairdo that requires more length or volume, extensions can come to your rescue!!

5. Maintenance tips:

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Just like your hair needs regular care and maintenance to look lovely, your human hair extensions need the same.

- Make it a point to shampoo and condition them once a week if you’re using them on a regular basis.

- If you use any hairspray on them, wash it off the very next day.

- comb them with a wide toothed comb and make sure that they are detangled before you pack them away or put them on.

Try them and bid adieu to bad hair days, forever!