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9 Kickass Comebacks For When People Tell You What To Wear!

9 Kickass Comebacks For When People Tell You What To Wear!

People telling women what to or what not to wear is something we’ve all been witness to. Whether it is a comment by a stranger in the metro or family members, it seems like everyone except you knows what you should be wearing. Even actors like Priyanka Chopra and Fatima Sana Shaikh were not spared by the ‘good samaritans’ of the society who took it upon themselves to point out that they were showing too much skin in dresses and swimsuits respectively. In recent news, however, the attack has been made on Irfan Pathan’s wife Safa Baig after Pathan put up, what seems to be a regular cutesy couple picture on his Instagram account.


This girl is trouble 🙈 #love #wifey

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With comments like ‘...She is hiding her face it’s good… but tell her to hide her arms too’ and ‘Aapki wife achi hai lekin nail polish lagana Islam me ezzat nhi h bhai’ people shamed her for well…baring her arms in the picture. Oh, and of course, for wearing nail polish. While we agree wholeheartedly with the phrase ‘haters gonna hate’ we also think that sometimes you just need to shut them down. So here are 9 kickass comebacks for when someone tells you what to wear.

1. ‘Yes, my dress is small, just like your mentality. That’s the only thing we have in common.’


1 what to wear - you annoy me

2. ‘I would cover myself up but then the world will really miss out on all this awesomeness.’

Give ‘em a twirl while you are at it!

3. ‘Gee, thanks! I will pass on your advice to someone who cares.’

Okay, thanks, bye.

4. ‘I must have short term memory because I can’t remember when I asked for your opinion!’

Did we forget about it or did we just not ask?

4 what to wear - you better watch yourself

5. ‘Oh wow, I didn’t know you talked gibberish!’

Saunter away!

6. ‘Congratulations! You passed the sexist exam with flying colours!’

Sometimes you just got to lay out the facts!

7. ‘This is actually my no-bullshit armour. So glad I wore it today!’

A hair flip and you’re out!

7 what to wear - oh snap

8. ‘Instead of me changing my clothes, how about you change your thinking a little?’

For change begins at home, yeah?

9. ‘What?’ *keep repeating until they stop talking*

Let’s just give them the chance to realize how stupid they sound, shall we?

9 what to wear - sassy girl

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