17 Oh-So-True Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s *Braless*

17 Oh-So-True Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s *Braless*

We’re going to go out and say this once and for all - taking off a bra is the single most amazing feeling in this world! Any woman who doesn’t agree with this fact has gotta be kidding us! The moment when we unhook that boob cage and give a sigh of relief is most of the days, the only thing we actually look forward. But what happens when we are not wearing a bra? Here are 17 thoughts every girl has when she is not wearing a bra!

1. ‘This freedom is SWEET!’

2. ‘Wait, is not wearing a bra actually bad for my boobs?’

2 not wearing a bra - marilyn monroe disgusted

3. ‘I should probably Google this stuff… Later!’

4. ‘Can everyone else tell I am not wearing a bra?’

4 not wearing a bra - woman surprised

5. ‘Good thing if they can, they already know I have breasts!’

6. ‘Damn, why is it so cold in this room?! Cold is never good for the nips!’

6 not wearing a bra - frozen cold anna

7. ‘To be fair, cold is never good for nips of both the sexes, why should only women wear bras?’

8. ‘I mean, come on, women in their natural state were never meant to wear bras! I rebel!’

8 not wearing a bra - real housewives of atlanta lies

9. ‘I could totally be a nipple rights activist! I should Google how to become one too!’

10. ‘For now, though, maybe I should just fold my arms…’

10 not wearing a bra - selena gomez confused

11. ‘Or just cover it up with this blankie. Ah, perfect!’

12. ‘Am I going to regret this in 10 years when my boobs start to sag?’

12 not wearing a bra - mean girls annoyed

13. ‘Eh, too bad for my husband, I guess.’

14. ‘Ooooh, they jiggle when I move! Can everyone see that too?’

14 not wearing a bra - girl excited

15. ‘Oops! Shouldn’t bend that far, almost gave everyone a sneak peek!’

16. ‘I guess they are right when they say freedom comes at a price…’

16 not wearing a bra - emma stone shrug

17. ‘Ah, darn it, life is all about comfort anyway!’

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