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How To Make That Stick-On Bra Actually Stick! (8 Dos & Don’ts)

How To Make That Stick-On Bra Actually Stick! (8 Dos & Don’ts)

Stick on bras, or sticky bras - which use adhesive for staying on your boobs and a front clasp for keeping them together (so no straps, hey!) - are great for pulling off backless dresses. But are you wearing them right? Read these dos and don’ts to avoid getting into a sticky situation when wearing that sticky bra!

#1: DO ensure your breasts are dry

how to wear stick on bras
Also read: 7 Types Of Boobs (And Bras!) In The World – Which One’s Yours?! It is super important to properly dry your breasts when putting on a sticky bra. Otherwise, the adhesive on the bra will never stick on properly, and you will spend your fancy night out feeling uncomfortable. So do ensure you sponge your breasts dry with a towel before trying on your bra.

#2: DO Ensure the bra adhesive sticks on your skin properly

If the bra adhesive you got does not stick on properly on your skin type, then your stick on bra is likely to create a disaster for your glam dress. So do double check what kind of adhesive is used when buying the bra, and whether it’s appropriate for your skin type. The bra manufacturer will usually specify these details on the package, so look out for them!

#3: DON’T use a stick on bra on lotioned boobs

how to wear stick on bras Also read: 7 Signs Your Bra Size Has Changed! Never use lotion or moisturiser over your boobs before putting on your stick on bra! This will only make your bra slip over your skin. If you must use a moisturiser, use it after you’ve your sticky bra on.

#4: DON’T use a bra adhesive that irritates your skin

Be careful to not use a stick on bra with an adhesive which irritates your skin - not only will this make you all itchy, but it will also harm your skin in the long run. Knowing whether a bra adhesive is irritating your skin can only come with experience and trial runs with different brands of stick on bras. But remember, just because it’s expensive is no good reason to not ditch your sticky bra when it does give you the itch.

#5: DO apply the bra at the proper breast angle

how to wear stick on bras Also read: 4 Genius Tricks To Pick The *Perfect* Lingerie For You! When wearing a stick on bra, the way you put it on goes a long way to determine how shapely your boobs will look. The right method for wearing stick on bras is this: First, undo the clasp in the middle, thus detaching the cups, and then stick on one cup at a time to your breasts. You need to position each bra cup so that it is almost exactly placed on your breast, otherwise your boobs will sag because the bra will give you no support - it is important that the sticky bra lift your breasts up and keep them together. Once that’s done, push your boobs closer together and do up the clasp.

#6: DO smooth down the bra once you’ve applied it

Once you’ve applied your sticky bra onto your ladies, remember to smooth each cup with your hand. If you don’t, the wrinkles on the bra will leave a wrinkly effect on the dress you wear over it. Especially if the dress is well-fitted. And you don’t want an unwieldy bra to destroy your look!

#7: DON’T peel it away suddenly

how to wear stick on bras Also read: 7 Things To Remember When Buying Lingerie For A “Special Night”! When taking your stick on bra off, don’t peel it away suddenly, or you will lose all the adhesive on the bra very easily and will not be able to wear it another time! It is important to carefully peel off the bra from your breasts while removing it.

#8: DO handwash the cups after you’re done wearing them

Remember to NEVER ever throw in your stick on bras into the washing machine - since they are so delicate, they need gentle handling, and that’s why they must always be hand-washed! Images: Shutterstock HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here!
Published on Apr 2, 2016
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