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Everything You Need To Know About Stick-On Bras!

Everything You Need To Know About Stick-On Bras!

We know that finding the right bra with the right outfit is a must, but we also understand that it’s really freaking difficult to find that perfect one. If you wear halter tops, backless dresses or even tops with low backs and thin straps, you know exactly the struggle we’re talking about. But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for you- a sticky bra.
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What Is a Sticky Bra?

Sticky bras, stick on bras or adhesive bras as they’re often called are ones that are best described as strapless, backless bras that stick to the underside of the breasts using a medical grade adhesive. Bras are a kind of undergarment for women which are meant to provide support to the breasts and prevent problems such as sagging and back pain that too much weight can cause. They also shape a woman’s figure and elevate the two ladies, giving a more well-rounded body. However, many bras peek out from slinky outfits and that’s a big no-no! That’s where stick-on bras come to the rescue. They are usually made of silicone, polyurethane, or such material. They are most suited for dresses which are backless, strapless, off the shoulder, or for an attire that is revealing around the bust area. It is intended to provide the same support to a woman’s breasts as a regular bra, cleavage enhancement and a lifted look but without being actually visible. The degree for all this obviously varies but it does get the job done!

How Are Sticky Bras Better Than Regular Bras?

While regular bras give your assets the support they need, there is no denying that they’re really uncomfortable. Your outfits get limited because either the neon colour is showing or the lacy texture is visible under the figure-hugging dress. Not just that, the straps jut out from tops and even if they’re carefully tucked behind, you’re always conscious about them falling or moving from a place. Also, the tight band or underwire can leave you with deep rashes. Even the hooks at the back are very uncomfortable if you don’t like being restricted.
But there are none of these problems with stick-on bras. Here are some of the advantages of a stick-on bra:
  • A wrong size bra or even a right one for that matter can cause a lot of breast pain. Adhesive bras are softer and more flexible because you can just stick them on, which makes them more comfy to wear. There are also no underwires poking into your underbust.
  • Many women especially those who have large breasts complain about experiencing back pain. This is sometimes not because of the natural weight of your bust but because of straps biting into your shoulders constantly. With stick-on bras, this isn’t the case so you can enjoy the support without the pain.
  • A bra is basically designed to keep your breasts up and thus the need of having strong breast muscles goes. But because your muscles get used to that, they naturally lose the strength to keep your ladies firm. With sticky bras your natural breast muscles still have to do their job, thus preventing sagging.
  • Another health hazard from bras is lymph node blocking. A tight bra doesn’t allow your breasts from draining lymphatic fluid and can even lead to breast cancer. However, with an adhesive bra, this isn’t the case as they allow more elasticity.
  • All bras lead to bad posture. This is because the weight of your breasts shifts to your shoulders which is unnatural for the human anatomy and also, the straps make your shoulders get pulled towards your torso. While after wearing sticky bras your back and neck pain may persist because for many years we’ve been training our bodies different, over the course of time, this will significantly reduce.
  • Say bye bye to skin abrasions caused by wires and ill-fitting pads because stick-on bras are much softer and don’t rub against your skin uncomfortably.
  • Another study says that wearing regular bras can cause you to stress subconsciously. This is because at times you put yourselves into beauty molds that you don’t even realize. With sticky bras, you can have an attitude of just letting go. This will let you breathe both literally and metaphorically.

Best Sticky Bras Available in India

N-Gal Nude Lightly Padded Stick-On Push-Up Bra

stick-on-bra A basic nude push-up bra is a must in your wardrobe. For all those see-through summer dresses, this is perfect.  
Price: Rs. 1099 Discounted Price: Rs. 659 Buy it here

Quttos Black Solid Non-Wired Lightly Padded Stick-On Bra

sticky-bra It’s made of 40% cotton and 60% polyester and is perfect for those plunging neckline tops and dresses. It’s lightly padded and seamless, making it an ideal undergarment for your body-hugging outfits. Price: Rs. 849 Discounted Price: Rs. 524 Buy it here

PrettyCat Beige Solid Non-Wired Lightly Padded Stick-On Bra

adhesive-bra This bra can be tied up to give you that sexy cleavage! Now, don’t you want to buy it for the next night out with your girlfriends?!   Pro tip: It’s better to invest in nude bras rather than white ones because white can still peek through darker coloured clothes while nude blends with your skin tone. Price: Rs. 1499 Discounted Price: 524 Buy it here

N-Gal Pink Lightly Padded Stick-On Push-Up Bra

lacy-stick-on-bra Who said stick-on bras can’t be fancy?! If you want to add that touch of sultry in your bras you can go for this pink and white padded and lacy stick-on bra. Price: Rs. 999 Buy it here

Hunkemoller Stick-On Bra

hunkemoller-stick-on Soft, flexible and perfect for sensitive skin, this Hunkemoller bra is one of our favorites.
Price: Rs. 2,195 Buy it here

How To Keep Sticky Bras Clean?

To ensure that you maintain your personal hygiene it becomes imperative that you clean your stick-on bras properly. Follow the below mentioned steps to keep the adhesive intact and ensure the maximum use of your undergarment:
  • After every use rinse the bra cups with warm water and a few drops of hand soap. This will wash off oils, sweat and dirt that gets stuck to the bra after it’s been worn all day long.
  • Scrub off all the dirt that has been caught up in the bra adhesive. This will make your bra reusable for a longer time. Since the material is usually silicone or polyester the dirt will come off very easily making it as good as new again.
  • After you rise the adhesive bra with soap and water, let the cups dry overnight. Put them on to a flat surface like your table or dresser or a countertop with the sticky sides up. If you got your adhesive bras in a plastic bag and were responsible enough to preserve them this whole time, then you can stick ‘em back and leave for drying. Do not pat them dry or wipe off excess water.

What’s The Wear Time Of Stick-on Bras?

All bras and even clothes eventually lose shape, right? Similarly, an adhesive bra also loses its stickiness eventually. However, if you keep it clean and look after it well then it can last you a long time. To store it correctly, keep the sticky side of your bra covered when it isn’t being worn so that it doesn’t attract dirt and dust. You can use the sheet provided with the bra or a  cling-film.
Heat and direct sunlight can also degrade the silicone so don’t store it away in a drawer or near a heater or dry it in the heat outside. It will eventually lose its stickiness and need replacing. Keep these points in mind and your bra will be your firm supporter for a long long time!

How Viable Are Sticky Bras For Large Breasted Women?

Now that you know just how awesome stick-on bras are, your first thought may be- how feasible are they for women with large breasts. While the perfect one may be tricky to find, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Bigger busts often benefit from wider straps, thicker bands and a more structured cup style. Adhesive bras obviously have none of those. The biggest advantage of a stick-on bra is that they latch onto your breasts and give you the freedom of wearing any outfits without worrying about the straps showing. But for you ladies with sizable assets, there is a solution. Brands like Hunkemoller and Zivame make these bras according to bust size and from A - DD, they’ve got ‘em all. And if you want less cleavage to show, instead of going for front clip bras, you can go for a plunging neckline one.

The Best Type Of Outfits To Wear With Sticky Bras

Halter Dress

halter-dress-to-wear-with-stick-on-bra Image Source: Instagram
You don’t want your straps showing and sometimes, the halter back is so deep that even your back strap is visible. For such a dress, a stick-on bra is what you need.

Back Cut Out Dress/ Romper

cut-out-dress Image Source: Instagram Even if you’re on a beach vacay and wearing a fancy bra, a visible back band can be avoided by wearing a stick-on bra.

A Plunging Neckline

plunging-neckline-dress Image Source: Instagram You can wear a plunging adhesive bra under a top or dress with a deep neckline to avoid any embarrassing moments.

Naked Dress

khushi-kapoor-naked-dress Image Source: Instagram Naked dresses limit the types of bras you can wear under them. To be absolutely sure that your straps or bra is not visible, stick-on is the way to go. A seamless skin coloured bra is what you need.

An Off-Shoulder Top

crop-top Image Source: Instagram Off-shoulder tops and blouses are a major trend. A strapless bra works just fine under off-shoulders but for some of us, it might also be extremely uncomfortable. If you too worry that your strapless will dig into your skin, paste on a bra instead!

Backless Top

jhanvi-kapoor-backless-top Image Source: Only and only pasties to go with your backless tops! They will give your breasts the required support while also making sure that nothing is showing.

Troubleshooting Sticky Bra Sticky Situations

  • Make sure your breasts are completely dry before putting on the sticky bra to ensure it stays in place.
  • Make sure the adhesive sticks to your skin by checking if it’s compatible with your skin type. This is usually mentioned on the box, so look out. We don’t want them falling out of dresses mid-party, right!?
  • Don’t paste them on lotioned skin as the greasiness may shift them out of place.
  • Ensure that you put on the pasties in the correct manner because they’ll ensure how your breasts and body shape will look. First, undo the clasp in the middle, thus detaching the cups, and then stick on one cup at a time to your breasts. You need to position each bra cup so that it is almost exactly placed on your breast, otherwise, your boobs will sag because the bra will give you no support - it is important that the sticky bra lift your breasts up and keep them together. Once that’s done, push your boobs closer together and do up the clasp.
  • Smooth down the bra once you’ve applied it to ensure it stays in place.
  • When removing the bra, peel it gently. Peeling it off in a swift motion can make it lose its adhesive power.

Possible Allergies and other health hazards

Though after all this you probably think what a blessing the stick-on bra is and how it’s made life a whole lot easier, we cannot complete this article without giving you a full disclosure of the health hazards that could occur because of them.
  • Skin irritation: Sometimes the silicone cups are made with low-quality material and can lead to rashes and skin irritation. Even the adhesive can cause allergies and reaction on your body.
  • Low breathability problems: Silicone has low breathability and could cause problems especially if you wear it too often.
  • Bacterial growth can surface since dirt and sweat gets attracted to plastic. Make sure you take the mentioned cleaning measures to maintain personal hygiene.
So girls, are you ready to stick ‘em on and glam it up!?


Question 1: Are these bras reusable? An adhesive bra is bound to lose its stickiness eventually after some uses. However, if you maintain it by keeping it clean and looking after it well then it can last you longer. To store it correctly, keep the sticky inner-side of your bra covered with the plastic sheet which comes with it when it isn’t being worn so that it doesn’t attract dirt and dust. Question 2: How can we wear this bra? Bra cups have self-adhesive glue in the inner side. So the bra cups stick to your breasts and you can also tighten them for extra grip. Question 3: Are these partly padded? Stick on bras are not particularly designed to push up your breasts. Since they are strapless and backless bra, they will not act as a standard push up bra. However, you can opt for lightly padded, non-wired stick-ons to have nice cleavage, a smooth silhouette and a bit of lift or push with support if worn correctly. Featured Image: Shutterstock MUST READ: How To Measure Your Bra Size AWESOME NEWS! POPxo SHOP is now Open! Get 25% off on all the super fun mugs, phone covers, cushions, laptop sleeves, and more! Use coupon code POPXOFIRST. Online shopping for women never looked better! This story was updated in January 2019.
Published on Apr 2, 2016
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