10 Sweet Little Things All Arranged Marriage Couples Will Get!

10 Sweet Little Things All Arranged Marriage Couples Will Get!

Although married life proves to be a different, personal journey for each couple, couples who’ve had an arranged marriage kinda live through some common moments. If you too had an arranged marriage, here are 10 things you’ll totally get.

1. It feels weird to be engaged to a total stranger!

Sure you’ve talked to him a bit, but deciding on spending your entire life with him? Now, that’s a huge leap of faith and you can’t help but wonder if you took the right decision.

2. Your family, though, behaves like it was love at first sight for them!

For they just can’t stop talking about your husband-to-be and how nice he was to ask after grandma and how sweet of him to keep loading your plate with food. *Rolls eye*

2 arranged marriage - swades

3. The first few calls and texts with him and his fam were awkward AF, though.

I mean, what are you supposed to say to people you’re going to live with all your life, but know nothing about? Especially when they refer to you as bhabhi, chachi, mami!

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4. The first date with your husband-to-be makes you as nervous as a schoolgirl going to prom!

Your legs feel like they’ll collapse with the nervousness of being alone with him and your heart pounds like it’ll actually jump out in excitement. You’re a funny bag of mixed emotions.

4 arranged marriage - heart palpitations

5. And after that first time, you learn how to sneak out with him, like a pro!

In fact, you’ve got your mum on your side. Even though she gives you the stern look at times, you know how she actually loves that you are getting close to him.

6. You’re pampered and spoilt by just about everybody.

While your family is busy celebrating last birthdays and little rituals with you, your in-laws too are pretty excited about making you a part of their clan. Both sides then often spoil you with random gifts and plans.

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6 arranged marriage - nicki minaj drake

7. Amidst all the shopping and wedding planning, you get this feeling that you can’t wait to get married!

You never thought you’d be SO excited. Guess everyone’s happiness has rubbed off on you. Truth be told, though, you know it’s more than that. Somewhere, while getting to know him, you suspect yourself of having fallen in love with him. Can you imagine?

8. But, you’re tired of all that suhaagraat related advice, tbh.

Especially when aunties accompany their advice with anecdotes. Eww!

8 arranged marriage - girl making faces

9. And then, your honeymoon turned out to be SUPER fun!

After all, it was the first time when you were alone with your hubby for days on end – and we all know how firsts are always special.

10. You live your love story – after you’re married!

You fall in love, a little more, with every passing day. You accept each other, just the way you are and grow to care and respect one another. And girl, just how amazing is that?

10 arranged marriage - shahrukh and kajol k3g

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