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11 Things You Don’t Worry About In The *Perfect* Relationship

11 Things You Don’t Worry About In The *Perfect* Relationship

At the beginning of any relationship, we are all at our very best to keep our partner impressed at all times. As time passes and we become closer and more comfortable with them. Certain things start changing as we drop our act and start being our unapologetic natural selves. This is the point where the actual love story begins and we come around to loving our sweetheart for who they really are and expect them to love us for who we are. Here are a few things you should not bother about in a relationship!

1. Being a little hairy is no longer scary for your man

The perks of being in an awesome relationship include the comfort of waxing and shaving only when you want to, and not when you need to impress your partner.

2. Dressing up? That’s only reserved for special occasions

Tip-toeing around the house in your PJs and his oversized T-shirt with your face covered in yellow face pack is absolutely acceptable! And as for dressing up, you make an effort only when you’ve gotta go out and the rest of the time you can be your natural imperfect but awesome self.

2.not bother about in a relationship

3. You say bye-bye to all the filters when you talk

All that proper conversation with filters (and no swear words) that you used to have with your partner during the initial period, slowly wear out as you become more and more comfortable. And as you fall in love, you start speaking your mind without the fear of being judged.

4. No shame in farting and burping

You shamelessly burp and fart in front of your partner without feeling the need to even say, ‘I didn't do it’.

4.not bother about in a relationship

5. You can be unapologetically your real (moody) self

This means you can talk incessantly about your period (bloating, bleeding, pimples, crazy sex drive) and also PMS all you like, that too unapologetically. After all, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

6. Arguments, debates and discussions… Bring them on!

When you’re really in love, then you can have honest discussions with your partner and speak your mind without the fear of offending or losing him. And trust us, honesty in a relationship does feel liberating.

6.not bother about in a relationship

7. Demand some action without waiting for him to make the first move

When you no longer have to hesitate to make the first move or demanding some TLC in bed from your sweetheart, it is a sign of true love!

8. Peeing with the door unlocked is no biggie

If you're in the middle of a crucial conversation, then peeing with the door open and talking alongside is perfectly normal. No judgements, cause’ we understand that you’re in love and conversations can’t stand the wait of peeing!

8.not bother about in a relationship

9. Morning breath is not an issue

Unsexy things about your partner like morning breath and snoring can be a pain at the beginning. But as love takes over, you really get around it (or ignoring it).

10. Poop type, quantity and nature is discussed at lengths

Congrats girl, if you and your sweetie are comfortable discussing poop then you’ve crossed a new milestone in your relationship.

P.S. Everyone poops, so why not talk about it?

10.not bother about in a relationship

11. Flu doesn't stop you guys from kissing

“EEEWWW gross!” nah ah. That ship sailed long ago, come and kiss me with my runny nose baby! Muaah.

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