10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Cancer Girl!

10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Cancer Girl!

We girls have our own specific sets of quirks and eccentricities as individuals. Some of that also has to do with our zodiac. Since it is almost July, here are 10 things one needs to know before dating a Cancer girl - who is passionate, exciting and extremely sexy.

1. She is kind-hearted   

A Cancer woman is empathic and constantly looks out for her loved ones. Although she is quite receptive to others’ feelings, she is unable to articulate herself when her emotions get hurt.

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2. And all things creative

She is the happiest while pursuing her artistic endeavours - she seems to have a natural flair towards creative activities as they help her to express herself in the best possible way.

3. Family comes first for her

A Cancerian is extremely grateful to her family and all that they have done for her to help her accomplish her dreams. So if you date her, you have to be respectful towards her kith and kin. And yes, she’s also a homebody who loves spending time at home.  

4. She is a diligent worker

As on the personal front, a Cancer girl is a perfectionist at work too. She is able to multitask perfectly well and share the workload of her colleagues! She is intuitive and good at taking a call on important things.

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5. She’s not good with rejection

As she delivers her best all the time - be it at work or in a relationship, she is not good at accepting harsh criticism or rejection and tends to close up and internalise all of it.

6. She is always persistent

Not one to back down from something just because it looks difficult to accomplish, she is always patient and gives her best shot hoping for the best.

7. She is calm and composed

A Cancer girl rarely gets angry because she tends to suppress all of that negative energy. So you have to do something seriously wrong to trigger her temper!

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8. She’s cautious in love

A Cancer woman is very careful about whom she commits to - she weighs the pros and cons because she is very protective and loving and wants to be with someone who can reciprocate her feelings in a similar way.

9. Games are not her thing

If you like a Cancer girl, it’s best that you tell her directly and not beat around the bush. She doesn’t like playing hard to get and if you do the same she’ll lose her interest very quickly.

10. She feels everything strongly

When she is in a relationship, she is all in. She is an emotional person and is not usually up for a quick fling so you need to keep that in mind while initiating things with her.

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