10 Things Girls In A Relationship Miss About The *Single* Life!

10 Things Girls In A Relationship Miss About The *Single* Life!

That floaty, happy feeling of being in a relationship is great. But as much as we girls love the idea of, well, love, sometimes we do miss the low maintenance life of being single. Here are 10 things all girls in relationships miss about being single.

1. The privacy of it all

Yes, we do enjoy the idea of doing absolutely nothing with our time. Just snuggling up with our favourite panda cushion and watching our favourite shows and reading our favourite books.

1 miss about being single - girl speaking to herself

2. Saving money, duh!

Especially the initial months of a relationship boils down to how much you can impress each other with gifts and fancy dates. There is no way to cut to the chase right and say, ‘We both like each other, can we just keep it at that?’ So, that makes us miss the good old days of not spending shiploads of money.

3. The suspense of meeting someone special

For single girls, that is one great mystery of our lives. It can be today, tomorrow or five years later that we will meet someone who will sweep us off our feet. But once we are in a relationship, that elusive feeling is already past us and we do miss it at times, to be honest.

4. Being downright gross

Being single is almost like a statement of entitlement, a reason to let our freak flags fly. From not showering on weekends, drunk texting our crushes to picking our noses just because we want to. When in a relationship, there is always a pressure to behave a certain way so that we are perceived as the best versions of ourselves. And oh God, that’s like zero fun.

4 miss about being single - girl talking to a guy

5. Some healthy flirting

Committing to a relationship often implies putting a dagger to your heart and suppress your urge to talk to that cute guy. Insecurity, complications creep in on both ends and we end up feeling guilty even for some harmless teasing or flirting with someone who isn’t our partner.

6. Not having to choose who to vacation with

As a single girl, the choice is to either travel alone, with friends or family. And having a third, albeit special person in the equation just makes it too many vacations and not enough time!

7.  Having a whole bed to ourselves

Sleeping like a happy starfish on a four-poster bed? Yes, please, and thank you.

7 miss about being single - girl going to sleep

8. Deciphering text messages

Once we are in a relationship, there are no mind games, no playing hard to get or deciphering a cryptic message for 20 whole minutes and wondering what the heck it could possibly mean. A life without suspense might just be a tad bit boring at times.

9. Not having grown-up conversations

Where is this relationship going, who is paying the bills and doing the laundry… The list goes on. At sometimes we just want to let go and not deal with any of it.

10. Sharing food can be a pain…

Or deciding where to eat and what to eat. Can we please have pizza for every day of the week?

10 miss about being single - girl having popcorn

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