11 Things He Wants You To Know… Without Him Spelling It Out!

11 Things He Wants You To Know… Without Him Spelling It Out!

Not every feeling has to be voiced in order to be heard. Sometimes, some things can’t be expressed and even he gets kinda stuck talking about it. Here are 11 such things every guy wants you to know… But won’t bring up!

1. He’s okay with you taking your space…

Provided you give him his share too! It’s never going to be a problem then.

2. He loves the occasional kisses!

Especially when you give them in the middle of something, when he least expects it!

2 things every guys want you to know

3. His bros are for real!

And he wouldn’t have it any other way. Just like you have friends from before you even met him, he also has his special set of people who he loves way too much. And even if you don't necessarily like them, he wants you to co-exist without making it a big deal!

4. He can’t read your mind

So if you have a problem with something he said or any of his actions, it’s best to talk it out with him!

4 things every guy want you to know

5. He wants you to be his friend first…

… and girlfriend later. Because great friends have an understanding of a different kind, you know?

6. He loves having sex…

… with YOU - and he doesn’t mind telling you that occasionally either! *wink*

6 things every guy want you to know

7. He does check other women out

Because a) That’s normal and b) How else will he know that you’re the hottest and the best he’s ever got?

8. He likes experimenting

In (and out of) bed with you and especially when you’re on top!

8 things every guy want you to know

9. He likes it when you outsmart him

Be it thanks to reading books, the paper or just generally being aware about the things that happen around you. He likes to be with someone who keeps him on his toes and he wouldn’t want it any other way!

10. He’s not thinking about you all the time

It’s alright if something slips off his mind and he doesn’t remember it because he was occupied with work or some other important thing. He hates when it happens too but he can't really help it.

10 things every guy want you to know

11. He doesn’t mean to hurt you in a fight

He didn’t mean what he said when he was (h)angry! Yes, ladies, it’s true. Not all things said in anger are meant to be taken seriously.

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