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10 Super Cute Things All Happy Couples Do Before Bed!

10 Super Cute Things All Happy Couples Do Before Bed!

Sex isn’t the only thing, you know! Not that we are going to leave it off our list - for obvious reasons. But there are so many cute couple rituals that constitute as bedtime routine for happy couples out there. Take a look at, or perhaps a naughty leaf out of their book. Whatever floats your boat - here are some simple and some sweet things couple do before bed.

1. Snuggle Bugs

Oh, the joys of cuddling up with your boo and feeling all your troubles melt away. Just thinking about it is making us want to get under the covers! *Sigh*

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2. Update time

Although this doesn’t sound all that romantic, it’s so important for couple bonding to talk about things before hitting the sack. Especially important for working couples who lead power packed lives and don’t really get too much time for each other. Updating each other about the day each of you has had is so important if you really think about it!

3. DIY Spa

Happy couples know that the trick to relax isn’t to wait for some decadent vacation. Seizing opportunities to relieve each other of stress and makes each other feel better via massages is the best way to end a long day, no? Besides, it’s kind of hot if you ask us!

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4. Rid the gadgets

Couples who give their Instagram feed a break and spend time with each other before falling asleep find that they bond better *and* sleep better. It’s a win-win really!

5. Get hot and heavy

Sex before bed is a ritual for many happy couples and since it’s a tried and tested theory – why not just stick with it, right?

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6. Tease before snooze

Even if making love is not your idea of a bedtime routine, teasing and caressing each other should be. It builds intimacy and this way – you definitely know you have something to look forward to in the morning! *Wink wink*

7. Dream before sleeping

Talking about your hopes, dreams, and goals together is a great way to end the night on a positive note. You’ll wake up refreshed, motivated, and more in love than ever before.

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8. Watch something together

Now we know that we asked you to keep the gadgets away, but if bedtime is still a little while away, then a great way to unwind is to watch an episode of your favourite show or a video or two on YouTube! The key to happiness, after all, is a few good laughs.

9. Gossip Central

This is just a variation of the ‘update each other’ point, but come on – don’t we all agree that gossiping is as important as it is healthy? Besides, we don’t buy into this whole ‘guys don’t like to gossip’ myth one bit.

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10. Whisper sweet nothings to each other

In today's fast-paced world, who has the time to just lie and bed and talk all things cute?! That’s why pre-bedtime is perfect for this sweet little innocent ritual. And guess what? The happy couples already know this secret!

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