13 Signs He Thinks You’re *The One* For Him

13 Signs He Thinks You’re *The One* For Him

All men are not Shakespeare and hence, not as good with words. But if you look closely, they do give away many of their feelings via their actions. Just like you feel that your boyfriend is the love of your life, he may also feel the same about you. Here are 13 signs that your boyfriend thinks you are the one for him!

1. He doesn’t feel the need to filter his thoughts when talking to you

He knows he can be totally himself around you because you are his person. He knows you will never leave his side… No matter what.

1 boyfriend thinks you are the one

2. He has introduced you to his gang

His friends probably mean the world to him and the fact that he introduced to his gang shows that he really thinks you are his one-in-a-million love!

3. … And chills with yours too!

He may not be a part of every conversation you have with your group of friends and at times may even feel a tad out of place, but he still makes a genuine effort to gel with them. He knows your friends mean a lot to you like his mean a lot to him.

4. He isn’t afraid to show you his sensitive side

He may put up a brave face in front of the world, but he doesn’t feel the need to do so with you. He lets his emotions flow, even if that means tearing up from time to time.

4 boyfriend thinks you are the one

5. He goes out of his way to make you smile

When he knows you’ve had a bad day, he makes an effort to cheer you up in his own sweet way. From getting you your fave ice-cream to showing up at your doorstep with a couple of beers, he will do anything to see that cute, toothy smile of yours!

6. He talks to you about his insecurities

He keeps his guard up most of the times. But with you, he risks being vulnerable because he trusts that you will make him stronger and help him deal with whatever challenge that comes his way. You're the one he looks to for comfort in his weakest moments.

7. When he talks about his future plans he says ‘we’ and not ‘I’

His future plans are by default in the ‘we’ mode. Whether it’s building a house together or going for to that faraway city you have always dreamt of.

7 boyfriend thinks you are the one

8. He has a bucket list of places to visit with you

He wants to travel the world with you and he already has the itinerary laid out for a few places!

9. At times, you guys have long conversations about anything and everything under the sun.

And the words just flow effortlessly. It just reaffirms the fact that you guys are meant for each other.

10. He does some things only because you love to do them

Even if he doesn’t necessarily enjoy them as much as you do, he plays along. He knows that you do it too at times and he loves you for it.

10 boyfriend thinks you are the one

11. He’s willing to run to the store to buy pads for you if you need him to

No, he doesn’t feel ashamed. You are his girl and he does everything to make sure that you are never uncomfortable or in a fix.

12. In PJs or a sexy dress… He loves you in all your avatars!

He doesn’t want to change who you are or how you look. You can be red-nosed and sneezing a storm, he will still tell you that you look beautiful and plant a kiss on your forehead!

13. He never gives up on you

Even when you do. When things get rough and you feel like you are sinking, he keeps you afloat and tells you that you’re gonna make it… Both of you, together.

13 boyfriend thinks you are the one

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