11 Reasons Why Shopping In A Group Is AWESOME!

11 Reasons Why Shopping In A Group Is AWESOME!

Shopping is amazing but if there is anything better than that, it’s group shopping! Not only does it leave you with tonnes of awesome buys but also with memories that, obviously, last longer than time itself! To back our claim, we’ve got 11 reasons why shopping with a group is the best thing ever!

1. Your friends know exactly the stores you love!

And don’t judge you when you want to spend at least an hour checking out wrapping papers!!

1 group shopping - mean girls

2. No weird buys ever!

Forget about getting that fringe crop top, there is no way your BFFs are letting you make that buy. Not only do they know what looks good on you but also how gullible you can get sometimes.

3. And if you do make one, you have someone to back it up!

But of course, once in awhile they will give in to your arguments and you will end up buying that fringe backless crop top. In that case, you can count on them to back you up, no matter how bad a decisions it was!

3 group shopping - girls shopping

4. Your friends patiently wait outside the dressing room

Even when you want to try the same kurta in five different colours!

5. You can use your BFF’s discount coupons!

Your BFFs are probably the only people who will let you use their discount coupons other than your parents! Which is also the reasons Myntra’s End of Reason Sale gives you 15% discount coupons for 6 months - when you shop with your BFFs on the app!

5 group shopping - new girl happy

6. Your shopping speed is 10x more

No more lingering around shops or not being able to find the right things. You shop faster and better because they are so many more pair of eyes looking out for what would suit you!

7. You have the upper hand when bargaining

You will always have that one person in your group who is great at bargaining even when you don’t. And bargaining with a group of people to back up your prices is anyday more powerful than bargaining alone, right?

7 group shopping - selene gomez hi five

8. The more you shop, the more you actually save

Don’t believe us? Take the Myntra End of Reason Sale, for example. If you register with your shopping gang on the app not only do you get the chance to be the first ones to shop when the sale begins but also the more your gang shops, the more money you save! How cool is that?

9. Lots and lots of shopping selfies

And, of course, how can we forget the awesome selfies we get when shopping with a gang? Not only that but your friends know exactly how to sneakily get a dressing room picture in your new dress without the shopkeeper finding out!

9 group shopping - gossip girl

10. Oh-so-many discussions

Right from the colour of your dress to the material, you are bound to have tons of long and intense discussions about clothes! Is there anything better we can ask for?

11. There’s always someone to hold your bags

When you’re done with all the shopping and are heading back home, you need someone to share your load of shopping bags, right? And your besties never ever disappoint!

11 group shopping - girls excited

Wondering how to get started? First, watch this hilarious video. Next, click here to create your group!

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