13 Terribly Honest Things You Can ONLY Say To Your Bestie!

13 Terribly Honest Things You Can ONLY Say To Your Bestie!

The beauty of best-friendship is that it goes way, wayyyy beyond ‘rules’. The two of you are like sisters and there’s nothing that you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ say to your bestie! In fact there are so many things that you can only say to your bestie!

1. ‘There’s something in your teeth.’

While this is hardly scandalous, it is a duty of a best friend to be part dentist and always alert the bestie about gunk in their teeth. This is the main rule, if you ask us!

2. ‘Don’t crush on him, he’s a waste of your time!’

The beauty of real friendships is that you know about her crush even before she has admitted it to you (or even herself). If you suspect that she’s falling hard for someone who’s basically no good, it is your bestie duty to alert her in time!

2 you can only say to your bestie

3. ‘You’re wearing that?’

Uh-oh! No girl wants to hear these words, ever! But if your bestie is going somewhere important and is not dressed for the occasion, then honey, you’ve gotta come to her rescue!

4. ‘Too much cleavage!’

Again, no one made us fashion police but we all know our besties well enough to know just how much cleavage they are comfortable with. If she’s going to spend the rest of the night pulling her top up, then you might as well save her the ordeal, no?

4 you can only say to your bestie

5. ‘You f*cked up!’

IMHO, it is the main job of a best friend to call you out when no one else will. So if she’s had a fight with her boyfriend but you know it’s her fault, tell her that! You may be team bestie but you gotta keep it real with her.

6. ‘Why are you cribbing so much?!’

Normally, you can’t just say such a thing to someone right to their face. But between besties this is a pretty standard question. In fact, she may probably tell you she’s sleep deprived and that’ll be the end of the conversation.

6 you can only say to your bestie

7. ‘That time of the month?’

IRL, it’s rude to insinuate someone might be on their period. In bestie world though, it’s a simple question. If she’s dealing with PMS – you very well know how to take care of her.

8. ‘Why did you tag her in a meme?’

Hello?! This may seem like a small thing but your bestie tagging another girl in a meme is a matter of grave importance and you are allowed to call her out on it! She’s YOUR bestie and she better not forget that.

8 you can only say to your bestie

9. ‘Dude, you didn’t have my back!’

Besties can be super intense and territorial about each other. If you feel like yours didn’t have your back or wasn’t there for you when you needed her, then you are allowed to tell her that to her face!

10. ‘You’ve got to push yourself more!’

You’re no life coach but if you feel your girl is slacking at work or with regards to some other goal in her life, you can and should be able to tell her that. You have her best interests at heart, after all!

10 you can only say to your bestie

11. ‘I saw what you did there, you li’l hoe!’

Umm, she went savage double tapping this cute guys insta profile and you caught her? Obviously you’ll call her out, cheeky glint in eye and everything!

12. ‘Put on some deodorant’

With the many, many hours that you guys spend together it’s a given that you all can talk about all your bodily functions/ processes – stinking being one among them! It’s bestie privilege at it’s best.

12 you can only say to your bestie

13. ‘How dare you think of getting married and going away?’

This sounds terrible and threatening but that’s the true beauty of best friendship! You know you can’t live without her and she can’t live without you either (and y’all have some pretty brutal and funny ways of showing it!)

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