The First Time My Boyfriend Invited Me To His Place!

The First Time My Boyfriend Invited Me To His Place!

I remember that day was our six-months anniversary. Now, we didn’t really celebrate monthly anniversaries but that day we just happened to meet. And since we were meeting, he suggested we go on a nice candle-light lunch (because I wasn’t allowed to stay late often) to celebrate.

So we headed to CP for a nice fancy lunch. It was one of the best dates we’ve ever had - we talked, ate and laughed a lot! After lunch we were just taking a stroll outside when he asked me shyly, ‘Do you want to, maybe, come over to my house? My parents aren’t home.’ I looked down at my feet as my cheeks flushed red. We had made out once before, after our college party but we hadn’t planned to spend any alone time after that.

And this spontaneous plan was troubling for me in many ways because I was wearing my old granny underwear and nothing fancy. But in a life where someone or the other is always home, this seemed like too good an opportunity to pass. So I told him I would go along with him.

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We took an auto from CP to his place and though he tried to diffuse the tension by talking and making me laugh, my nervousness made me feel like there was something stuck in my throat. He opened the door to his house and we entered, I looked around at his living room while he closed the door behind me.

‘So this is my house,’ he said clapping his hands together. ‘I see that.’ I replied with a smile. ‘Come along to my room!’ he said walking across the corridor. My heart was beating fast now!

As soon as I entered his room, however, I saw rose petals on the bed with three chocolates on the bedside table and balloons on the floor. If I knew anything it was that my boyfriend was SO not the cheesy kind. Looking at the room then and him standing there made me smile ear to ear. ‘This is…’ I tried to put it in words. ‘Super lame?’ he asked. ‘Super amazing!’ I replied hugging him.

We lay down on the bed together for the longest time talking about things after that. Midway, it did turn into a very, very hot makeout session but we didn’t have sex that day (which is what I had been dreading). I have to say, I liked lying next to him under that blanket, naked body and soul, much more than anything else.

I went back home in the evening, after the two of us cleaned everything up so his parents don’t get scandalized. When I think about that day today, my heart fills up with love for him. Undoubtedly, even without the sex, the day I first went home with my boyfriend was one of the best days of my life!

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