10 Phases Of A Relationship - Which One Are *You* At?

10 Phases Of A Relationship - Which One Are *You* At?

Relationships have certain stages that all couples go through. Also known as milestones, crossing every stage gets you 10 points as a couple! And though it’s never easy to get to the last stage (survival of the fittest, remember?) it isn’t impossible either. Here are 10 phases of a relationship, which one are you and bae at?

Phase 1: The take-off stage

This is where it all begins. You see someone across the road /bar /restaurant /coffee house/ Tinder profile, you lock eyes and feel that there is some connection here. Also known as the infatuation phase, you often find yourself listening to sappy romantic songs thinking about all the possibilities of this budding relationship!

Phase 2: Getting to know each other

Then comes the interactive phase. You exchange numbers, text each other daily or just hang out as often as you can. You talk, ask questions and do everything in your power to find out more about this awesome human being you just met!

2 phases of a relationship - couple kissing

Phase 3: Puppy love!

And if you like even 70% of what you hear, you fall hard. There is a reason this phase is called puppy love. The only thing you want in this phase other than the person you love is… Just kidding, you ONLY want him!

Phase 4: Understanding the quirks

As the honeymoon period begins to fade, you start to notice the little things. The things that will soon turn into problem areas. But right now, you’re just noticing them. His laugh is a little weird? Chews with his mouth slightly open? The rose coloured glasses are off and you see it all!

4 phases of a relationship - couple having fun

Phase 5: Ignoring the quirks

Now that you’ve noticed all these things, you start to ignore them. Love is all about letting go of the imperfections, right? Of course, right now, you don’t mind ignoring these quirks. Especially when he gives you that cute sheepish grin!

Phase 6: The landing

If a plane takes off, it has to land too. That’s just the way it is. Now it’s time for your plane to land. The initial high of the new relationship and all the ‘firsts’ are over. Now you have to adjust to talking between office breaks and meeting on alternate weekends because the two of you just don’t have time!

6 phases of a relationship - awkward date

Phase 7: The period of moulding

Now begins the slightly manipulative part of every relationship. And, yes, every relationship has this phase. You’ve always had a certain image of your boyfriend and vice versa. But neither of you can live up to that image all the time. So you try to mould each other into the frame you’ve created. However, that only lasts for a certain period of time before it goes ahead and explodes!

Phase 8: Mutual anger stage

If there can be mutual attraction, there can definitely be mutual anger. Which comes right after moulding fails. So now you have fights, sometimes even days of not talking to each other and it feels like everything's falling apart.

8 phases of a relationship - couple fighting

Phase 9: Return of the hope

But it’s not all over yet. One of you decides to put their ego aside and does something sweet which brings you back to where you began from. Well, almost. You still know there is a connection here but the quirks still exist.

Phase 10: Co-existence!

So you do what any sensible couple would, you decide to co-exist. For even when there will be disagreements in the future and you will find more things you might not absolutely love about your partner, you know you can’t do without the overall package and that’s what love really is!

10 phases of a relationship - couple hug

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