Wedding planning done right: Must-know wedding etiquette!

Wedding planning done right: Must-know wedding etiquette!

There is no denying that the wedding planning phase is high on tension, drama and of course, fun! And because so much is to be done as part of the shaadi planning process, there are certain things that tend to go wrong too. Don’t you worry, soon-to-be married people, because here, we have listed out a few points on wedding etiquette while wedding planning that will ensure your planning phase is a smooth, hurdle-free one. Keep these in mind, and enjoy organizing a wedding to the fullest… It’s such an awesome phase, after all!

1. Financial issues of the wedding

A very touchy topic, but also a very important one. It should under no circumstances be expected that the bride’s family should pay for all the wedding functions. There should be a clear discussion about the wedding planning in this matter between both the families and the cost of the wedding should ideally be split equally.

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2. Wedding announcement on social media

Your close friends and family need to know about the news before you put up a post on social media to let the whole world know that he has proposed to you! Let your near and dear ones be the first ones to know the happy news.

3. The correct details with the ‘save the date’ card/ message

A ‘save the date’ card and message has become very common now. However, one often forgets to mention the most important details like the location and venue of the wedding. It is essential that you mention these deets as your outstation guests will need this for the wedding planning and to make their bookings.

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4. The ideal time to send out the invitation cards

Ideally, the wedding card needs to be sent 6 weeks in advance if it is a destination wedding, and 4 weeks prior to D-day if it is a local wedding. Even though you might have sent out the ‘save the date’ cards, make sure you keep this wedding planning timeline in mind while distributing the invites. You don’t want the dates slipping out of your guests’ minds because the card reached them ages before the wedding day.

5. Follow the functions timeline diligently

It is essential for the family of the bride and groom to do their wedding planning by following the timings mentioned on the cards. One of the most delayed events at a wedding is the entry of the baraat. A delayed baraat leads to the guests leaving without eating and congratulating the couple, and that also keeps the poor bride waiting in her heavy clothes and jewellery for hours and hours. It is rude to keep your wedding guests as well as the bride waiting!

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6. When to call his in-laws ‘mom’ and ‘dad’

Honestly, there isn’t an ideal time for when you should start calling his parents ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ and when he should start doing the same for your parents. This purely depends on the comfort level shared between you both and the parents, and when you honestly accept his family as yours. Having said that, once you both are engaged, you both become a part of each other’s families, and so this is the best time to start opening up and start addressing them as ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

7. Get everyone to RSVP

It’s a comparatively newer concept in India, but in the West, it is considered rude wedding planning if the guests do not RSVP to events. An RSVP is essential as it gives you a fair idea about the number of guests you are expecting and also helps you make the bookings accordingly. Have an RSVP phone number or email address in your card where guests can confirm their presence or mark their absence. However, you will inevitably have some guests not respond at all. In this case, have one of your friends or family members call them up to check their availability.

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8. Who to invite to the wedding

Possible the most important part of wedding planning - There is never any obligation for you to reciprocate the gesture towards someone who invited you to their wedding. There will be enough fights and arguments at home over who all need to be invited to the wedding. Honestly, while organizing a wedding make sure you include all those who you genuinely want as part of your big day

9. Not taking care of the wedding vendors

Apart from your family, it is your wedding vendors who have made your wedding planning successful! Therefore, it is essential for you to take care of them and make arrangements for their stay and food before planning a wedding ceremony. Be polite to them and don’t forget to invite them for the functions too!

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10. Forgetting to thank the guests

Your guests have travelled from various parts of the world to bless you both on your special day and be a part of all the fun and festivities. As a sweet gesture and good wedding planning, every couple must personally thank each one of them for taking time out for the wedding. Sending a ‘thank you’ note is a good idea. Also, make sure you don’t delay this and send it as soon as you are back from your honeymoon.

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