15 Tips For The *Wedding* Day - From Real Brides To You!

15 Tips For The *Wedding* Day - From Real Brides To You!

Everyone’s wedding day is different. No matter how hard you try and plan down to the minutest detail, something will inevitably go wrong or different from how you’d hoped it would be. However, there is no harm in getting advice from girls who have been there, done that. Brides-to-be, take note as 15 brides offer some of the best wedding advice.

1. All in one place

Keep the jewellery, lehenga and other accessories ready in one place to avoid confusion if and when you are to change up between the pheras and reception.

Ankita Ghag, 28

2. Tried and tested

Don’t do any last-minute experiments. Choose your makeup wisely and don't try any new products that haven't been patch tested beforehand.

Kiran Arora, 27

3. To-do list

Make a list of everything you need along with you on your wedding day. Right from your undergarments to your mathapatti to the gajra that you are to wear in your hair - everything needs to be on that list and double checked. I made my driver run four times during my bridal makeup session for gajras, and finally ended up with rose buds in my hair.

Swati Goel, 25

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4. Don't worry, be happy

Never panic. Anything that has to go wrong, will go wrong. The dress may get tight or you may get a pimple overnight. Be prepared, and smile through it all. My plans for an uber luxurious bath, sumptuous breakfast and then dress and makeup on D-day were ruined by my toddler nephew who left a water tap open, and there was no water in the tank above. Everybody panicked and ran helter-skelter. Meanwhile, I was enjoying the show and knew things were going to be fine. Eventually, the water was arranged for and we all managed to take a bath. It was a situation in which many of us would panic, but these are the events that make your day a memorable one. Enjoy every moment.

Sana Desai, 25

5. One for the camera

Have a good 8-hour sleep the night before, to look fresh on the big day. There is no need to be nervous or scared. Just relax, stay calm and enjoy the day as it’s one of the best ones of your life. And don't forget to smile for pictures, they’ll be in your album forever.

Sushma Shetty, 34

6. High on life

Go, get drunk! *Wink*

Shefali Pinto, 34

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7. Spiritual beginnings

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Start the day with some kind of prayer or spiritual practice that you follow and believe in. Those minutes alone will prep you for the big day!

Rashmi Hemrajani, 34

8. Be with your people

Keep your favourite people nearby, especially kids. They will keep you happy, upbeat and pampered all the time. You will be stress-free and will make a happy bride. And that is sure to show on your face. My two cute little nieces, best friend and three close cousins made sure that I had a rocking wedding day. They kept on showering me with love, kept feeding me and helped me stay hydrated. Not only did that make for some amazing candid photographs, but all this also kept me stress-free.

Ritu Jhajharia, 31

9. Out of the box

Go for some non-traditional, regional jewellery with some unusual gemstones, even if it is artificial. Be adventurous and go for a different look.

Nida Monis, 26

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10. Eat well

Don't worry about small things around you, and enjoy every moment with your loved ones. And most importantly, don't forget to eat something as you might not get time to eat during the party/ ceremonies.

Misbah Hajira, 33

11. Truth be told

Most brides I know don’t have any first night fun since the couple is so exhausted after back-to-back functions. The ‘suhaag raat’ is a little too overrated thanks to Bollywood. Take a chill pill.

Deepa Nankani Javeri, 31

12. The backup

From your beautician to the photographer and all vendors involved - have a plan B in place. Keep their phone numbers handy and share the list with the family as they can quickly make calls if someone backs out or falls ill. My makeup lady ditched me a day before the wedding and it was crazy.

Urvashi Ramkumar, 38

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13. Stay calm

There will be many ups and downs and high-stress moments during the wedding. You might have to deal with unforeseen situations. No matter what, you must remain super calm and alert. Keep telling yourself in your head that your super wedding day will lead to a super duper life ahead with some lovely memories. Stay focused.

Marie Salve, 35

14. Personal moments

Don't let yourself get lost in the chaotic blur that is an Indian wedding. Guests and arrangements require attention, but make an effort to have special moments and memories with your partner as part of the wedding celebrations that you can look back at later on in your marriage. It could be anything - a special gift exchange with the partner, couple pictures, a few minutes away from the guests and the crowd - anything that keeps the focus on the other most important person in the wedding.

Aarti Narang, 30

15. Don’t go hungry

Have a very heavy breakfast on the morning of your big day. Once the ceremonies start, you don't really find time for eating and as the day progresses, you are so worked up with mixed emotions, that you don't even feel like eating. Keep yourself hydrated, keep drinking juices and shakes, even if you don't feel like eating anything.

Prerna Dhingra Bhatia, 27

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