10 Things To Do With Him Now - To Be Happy Even 10 Years Later!

10 Things To Do With Him Now - To Be Happy Even 10 Years Later!

If you and your boyfriend kinda get the feeling that you are stuck with each other forever then this is totally for you guys! Being in a relationship takes a little bit of effort and there’s nothing wrong with it. A strong foundation cannot be built unless you nurture it and care for it. So here are 10 things to do with your boyfriend to be happy even after a decade of being together!

1. Travel, even if on a shoestring budget.

Travelling with someone makes you see a new side of them. Travel with each other so that you get to know the sane, insane, slightly paranoid, logical, not-so-logical, emotional and all the other different sides of him that probably don’t surface in everyday life. It will help you develop more understanding and maybe fall in love with each other even more.

1 Things to do with your boyfriend

2. Be brutally honest, even if it isn’t convenient

It will be kinda uncomfy at times, but do it anyway! Honesty builds trust and trust sustains relationships. A decade wouldn’t stand a chance against the two of you, for sure.

3. Dream together and chase them till the end

Share, respect and help fulfill each other’s dreams. Even if you may not always understand your partner’s dream, believe in him and keep pushing him to chase it till the end. We are pretty sure he will do the same. Ten years down the line when you look back, you will see how you raised each other up when the pieces of the puzzle were not in place.

3 Things to do with your boyfriend

4. Capture memories of your hardest times together

Being in a relationship also means you are bound to face some tough times. Keep memoirs of those… A photograph or maybe a bounced cheque. Later on in life, the memoirs will remind you how strong the both of you are together and that you can sail through anything.

5. Have a ritual of your own!

Something that’s ‘your thing’. Maybe send each other a morning selfie, a good morning text, a song or a meme. It’s not such a big thing but in the long run, will bring you two closer and give you a memory that’s everlasting.

5 Things to do with your boyfriend

6. Find your couple sport.

Because the couple that plays together stays together. It doesn’t have to be something that you are both pros at… Just something you both like. Although, eventually, you're bound to become pros at it!

7. A little bit of distance will make you stronger.

If your dreams take you to different places and you cannot be with each other for a while… Don’t give up that chase. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It will spice up your love life and make you stronger.

7 Things to do with your boyfriend

8. Take a note of people in his inner circle.

People he cares for and the ones who really matter to him. Small things like remembering their birthdays or occasionally taking an initiative to hatch a plan to meet up with them makes a world of difference. After all, love means so much more than just dates and romance!

9. Have a couple’s savings bag!

Save up for the future… And no, not just the rainy days. Each of you can put aside a part of your salary and then use it later to travel or buy something that you have always wanted to buy together!

9 Things to do with your boyfriend

10. Kiss each other every day!

Even if you cannot physically do that, send him a kiss smiley or leave him a letter with kisses all over it… One for every day you will be away.

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