14 Little Signs That *He* Might Be Planning A Proposal!

14 Little Signs That *He* Might Be Planning A Proposal!

Ladies, as much as men may try, they're not as good as us girls when it comes to keeping secrets and giving surprises. And as far as wedding proposals go, no matter how much they try to hide them, there are some tell-tale signs which mean that he is ready to pop the question anytime soon. Read on and find out if he is going to propose to you!

1. He finally says the three magical words to you and that too, a bit too often.

For the longest time you have been waiting for him to profess his love for you, and finally he says that he loves you and doesn't miss a chance to repeat the same, time and again.

1 he is going to propose

2. You sense that he is up to something. That he is planning something BIG.

Don’t over think in this case, ladies. Your man is perhaps just trying to keep all the proposal planning a secret from you.

3. And your parents start behaving very differently as well.

Your guy has perhaps approached your parents before he planned to pop the question before you. After knowing what he is up to, your parents are probably not doing a good job at hiding that from you. Well, we can’t blame them for being so excited.

3 he is going to propose

4. He randomly disappears leaving you alone to shop at the mall every now and then.

Your sweetheart, who always throws a fit at the idea of going on a shopping date, suddenly plans one and then randomly disappears while you're at a store trying on clothes. Hint: You could find him at a jewellery store around.

5. You end up stumbling upon the ring.

Oops, we are sure you did not see that coming!

5 he is going to propose

6. You notice his efforts to save money.

Well, what can we say… Diamonds are expensive, and finding the perfect ring for his perfect girl is very important! This, or he could just be saving up to buy the new Playstation.

7. He randomly quizzes you and one of the questions is about jewellery.

Silly girl, just get to the point and be sure that he knows exactly what kind of engagement ring you want. And be sure not to blush too much, and instead, act all nonchalant while doing so!

7 he is going to propose

8. He initiates conversations about the future…

You would often wonder when he’ll finally start referring to you guys as ‘us’, and have exciting late-night conversations about the future and your kids. Ladies, when he finally gets around to having such conversations, you should know that your man is ready!

9. … But dismisses you every time you bring up the topic of getting married (which wasn’t the case earlier).

Because he plans to do it himself and take you by surprise. Aww!

9 he is going to propose

10. He starts being extra romantic and uncharacteristically sensitive.

Unless you have your birthday or a relationship milestone coming up, seeing your guy being super romantic and cheesy only means one thing. He is planning a proposal, or a surprise party and being at his best behaviour so that it all turns out perfectly!

11. All of a sudden he is super secretive about his phone calls and messages.

When your man snaps whenever you go anywhere close to his mobile phone then it is a sign that he has something to hide. Believe or not, most likely it is his discrete effort to keep his grand proposal a BIG surprise for you!

11 he is going to propose

12. Next you know, one of your rings goes missing.

Well, to buy a ring for you that fits, he would need your ring size. And what better way to know than to steal one out of your collection. Makes sense, doesn't it?

13. One fine day, when you have nothing special planned, he lands up all dressed to the nines.

Need we explain this one? You might want to quickly go change up for stunning wedding proposal pictures!

13 he is going to propose

14. When he goes down on one knee!

This one’s a no brainer. It is safe to say that your man is definitely about to pop the question to you! (No, this isn’t him kneeling just to tie his shoelaces).

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