11 Reasons You Should Plan A Trip With Your BFFs… Right Now!

11 Reasons You Should Plan A Trip With Your BFFs… Right Now!

Our besties stick with us through everything in life. From heartbreaks to hangovers - they always have our back. Planning a trip with them is always a great idea and here are 10 reasons why you should plan a trip with your besties stat!

1. It’s always the best kind of break from everyday life

We always get tired of doing the same thing again and again right? Which is why we need a break from the usual boring routine. Trips are the best way to relax and rejuvenate yourself which is why it’s good to take one every now and then.

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2. You finally get to spend quality time together

We are all so busy in our own lives that we often tend to not talk to or meet our besties that often. A trip is a perfect time to not only spend quality time with them but to also tell them how much you love them.

3. You can enjoy alone time - together!

There are moments when you love to experience silence and not many people appreciate that. Only your besties will understand your need for a quiet time because they just know it all.

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4. For the best conversations

Let’s be honest - besties provide free therapy! We can go on and on, talking for hours about the nitty gritty of life. Believe it or not, but the best conversations actually happen at random places.

5. Because trying out new things is easier with your bestie

You can try out anything and everything with them because you are SO comfortable in their company. There is zero fear of judgement, which is why you can actually be your unabashed and unapologetic self.

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6. Stays are only a click away

Why think too much when you have Ibis New Delhi, Aerocity - to the rescue! This amazing hotel is just a click away! You could go for their MyRoom experience, to enjoy your stay in rooms developed and personalised by individual Ibis team members based on their interests, a particular aesthetic leaning or a regional affinity. Best part? They have a fab swimming pool and serve breakfast both for late and early risers so that you can do all that you want to on a vacay!

7. You finally get to live the plans you’ve always made

We all have that one Goa plan that we never quite managed to execute! Well, let us give you a tip - now is a good time as ANY! Before life takes over, it’s time finalise the plans that you have been making.

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8. For those gorgeous Insta posts

Selfies are a must, especially when it comes to vacations. We love to flaunt our best pictures with the best people at the best locations! Selfies and some social media love is all that we need, right?

9. Variety of clothes to flaunt

Their clothes = our clothes and vice versa right? Even when you get too bored of your outfits, you always have a new set to try on and flaunt. You can only do this on vacations because otherwise, it is a tad bit inconvenient.

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10. A million memories to share with your kids #BestFriendGoals

Last but not the least, you actually get to make a million memories with your friend that will last forever!

11. Have no FOMO

We all have the quintessential ‘fear of missing out’ and hence, we should get on that plane and be reunited with the love of our lives!

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