11 Reasons POPxo World Is Where You Need To Be!

11 Reasons POPxo World Is Where You Need To Be!

Ever since its inception in 2014, POPxo has rapidly grown and adapted to the needs of its audience - that is, YOU. With POPxo World, we welcome you to a community of girls unlike any other and, of course, you get to be a part of it… In fact, you make it what it is. Here are 11 reasons you should join our world because it is going to be an amazing ride!

1. Because we’re the coolest (and largest) #GirlGang!

Let’s be honest, there is no better time than girl time. Shopping, gossiping, watching funny videos, reading, gorging on yummy food - isn’t everything is so much more fun when you’re hanging out with your bestie? Well, joining POPxo World is being a part of the coolest girl gang in India!  

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2. All your burning questions… Answered!

Looking for some relationship advice? Fashion tips? Skin care hacks? You can find it all here. We have all the answers you could possibly think of and sometimes we also have answers to questions you couldn’t imagine exist!

3. You get to personalize your very own profile

You get to have a personalized profile! Isn’t that awesome? You can create your own profile, which will also act as your identity within the community. It gives you access to all the unique features we have in store for you! You can also follow people, see your followers, check out your score and badges or just scroll through your activity feed.

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4. You get exactly what you want

The best part about our community is that you get to customize what you see or read. You are absolutely in control of what you get - just check out the four top icons and make your choice!

5.  And it is SO easy to join us

You don’t have to download the POPxo app to be a part of the community (although we highly recommend it!). All you have to do is sign up and you can access your profile even on desktop or mobile web! Don’t worry about what phone you’re using these days. We have versions for both, iOS and Android users, so really, all you have to do is sign up. Even if you’re used to viewing content on a browser - our desktop and mobile websites are kickass!

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6. It’s your ultimate guide to life!

You also get to choose what you want to read! Right from beauty, fashion, wedding, lifestyle, relationships, sex to what’s trending - our wide range of articles are all under one roof. Take your pick, girls!

7. We provide plenty of entertainment

After a long hard day don’t you love tucking yourself into your cozy bed to watch some hilarious videos? We do too! For that purpose, we have created an amazing video section. Here you can find a variety of videos featuring your favourite girls, Komal, Cherry, and Shradha. Not only are the videos entertaining, we have a ton of helpful DIY ones too. From baking the yummiest red velvet cake to showing you how to create the perfect cat eye flick - we’ve got it all!

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8. You get to spread the joy!

Here’s another little feature of POPxo World that you will love. Once signed in, you can save the content you like for easy access later on. Or you can simply share it with your friends and spread the joy!

9. We can help you find the perfect date night outfit! *Wink*

We’re spending time and effort scouring through the internet to find you the perfect pieces that deserve a place in your closet.That’s why we have a separate section just for that. Yes, you heard us. Now you can shop for products that have been especially curated by Team POPxo! What’s a world where you can’t shop, right? We get it!

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10. No filter, no judgements - just hangout with us!

Got questions? Ask us! Create polls about your everyday confusions - just specify your category and go ahead! You can even answer questions other people have asked. Just like when you’re hanging out with your besties - there is nothing that is considered too scandalous. Go ahead, ask us anything!

11. It’s the best of four worlds!

Have you heard the phrase ‘best of both worlds’? Well, we’re giving you double of that! To sum it up - you can come read, watch, shop or hangout - the choice is yours! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, we’re waiting!

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