Game Night With Besties? 15 Kickass Things You Need To Stock Up!

Game Night With Besties? 15 Kickass Things You Need To Stock Up!

Some days you just want to chill with your besties at your place, instead of heading out to a bar. For all those nights, it’s a great idea to keep some fun games ready! And just to quirk up your party and make it all the more fun, we found these 15 super cool things! Honestly, we’d love to stock up on all.

1. These super cool tinted glasses!

1 games night

Shot glasses are too mainstream! Opt for this set of six desi chai glasses. You can use it to make fun cocktails or if you like, have your midnight chai.

Price: Rs 699 for a set of 6. Buy it here.

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2. Hold em poker!

2 games night

No game night can be complete without poker! Get this cool poker set complete with all the chips and jazz!

Price: Rs 899. Buy it here.

3. Twisty twister!

3 games night

How about a game of twister? This game is so much fun because not only will you have to bend and stretch, you’re bound to topple over at one point!

Price: Rs 279. Buy it here.

4. Matching PJs for your gang!

 4 games night 1

Well, that’s just to show that you guys are friggin awesome! Buy this pair of PJs for the whole gang and wear it together with your quirkiest T-Shirts!

Price: Rs 295. Buy it here.

5. Popcorn maker

5 games night

There ain’t no game night without some popcorn. This popcorn maker is going to make life so much easier for you!

Price: Rs 1,090. Buy it here.

6. Truth or dare Jenga

6 games night

Move over, regular Jenga! Because Truth or Dare Jenga is the new cool! As you pull out each block, have fun with the dares that come your way!

Price: Rs 614. Buy it here.

7. This kickass bluetooth speaker

7 games night

No par-tay is ever complete without music. This kickass speaker is all you need to amp up the fun at your party!

Price: Rs 1,149. Buy it here.

8. The classic… Uno!

8 games night

Classics will be classics. Uno is one game you cannot get bored with. So grab this deck and have some Uno time, ladies!

Price: Rs 121. Buy it here.

9. These glow in the dark glasses!

9 games night

What is a games night without some neon glow? These glow in the dark eye frames are all you need to look like the perfect party animals!

Price: Rs 150. Buy it here.

10. A cool and convenient beverage dispenser

10 games night

Ain’t no fun pouring soft drinks the same old way! This beverage dispenser is cool AF and will be so useful when all your friends want seconds!

Price: Rs 225. Buy it here.

11. Neon plates for all your snacks!

11 games night

These plates will add some more neon glow to your party! This set of 10 plates can hold all your snacks while you play your fave games.

Price: Rs 299 for a pack of 10. Buy it here.

12. LED ice cubes for some swag!

12 games night

Drink up in style with these LED ice cubes! Best thing about this? You can use them again and again… You don’t have to throw them away!

Price: Rs 495 for a pack of 12. Buy it here.

13. Drinking roulette!

13 games night

Roulette is way better when it comes with shots! Use your creativity and put different kind of drinks in each shot glass. From the yummiest to the nastiest!

Price: Rs 576. Buy it here.

14. These cutesy stirrers for your drinks!

14 games night

A girl’s gotta have some swag, right, ladies? These stirrers will totally do it for you and also up the quirk factor of your party!

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

15. Cluedo for the sleuth in you!

15 games night

What’s a game night without some mystery? Cluedo is an awesome idea if you and your gang love sleuthing! After all, we’ve all grown up reading Secret Seven and Famous Five.

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

Did you pick your favourites, yet?

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