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17 ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions You Can Ask Your Hubby! *Wink*

17 ‘Never Have I Ever’ Questions You Can Ask Your Hubby! *Wink*

Familiar with the party favourite game called, ‘Never have I ever?’ Yeah, it’s fun, right?! You can unleash all those inner secrets and even find out new and amazing things about the other person. Now imagine playing this game just with your hubby?! If you two just got married or are still discovering new things about each other, here’s something you’ll love. Plus, it’s also a great way to spice things up a little! Just remember to keep it fun and don’t take things way too seriously. Here are 17 ‘never have I ever’ questions to ask your hubby.  

1. ‘Never have I ever…lied about being in a meeting so I could go drinking with friends.’

Come on, haven’t we all done that at some point or the other?!

1 never have i ever questions

2. ‘Never have I ever…faked an orgasm.’

Uh-oh! But so have you!

3. ‘Never have I ever…gone on a Tinder date.’

This should make for one interesting story.

4. ‘Never have I ever…crushed on someone older than me.’

Ooooh, older women, huh?!

4 never have i ever questions

5. ‘Never have I ever…made a complete fool of myself at a rishta meeting.’

Make sure you take all the deets on this one!

6. ‘Never have I ever…gone two days without changing my underwear.’

Eww… was this before getting married or after?

7. ‘Never have I ever…wanted my wife to do a striptease for me.’

Oblige him, will you?!

7 never have i ever questions

8. ‘Never have I ever…fantasized about having sex in the elevator.’  

Wild fantasies indeed.

9. ‘Never have I ever…watched girl on girl porn.’

Did he drink to that?

10. ‘Never have I ever…been so drunk that I had no idea of the previous night.’

Been there, done that.

10 never have i ever questions

11. ‘Never have I ever…swam naked in a pool.’

That must be fun!

12. ‘Never have I ever…gate crashed a wedding.’

He sure sounds like fun!

13. ‘Never have I ever…checked out my wife as she walked away.’

He did that?! Aren’t you flattered?!

13 never have i ever questions

14. ‘Never have I ever…shaved my chest to impress a girl.’

Hahahaha! Share the story with us, will you?

15.‘Never have I ever…clicked nude selfies.’

Ooh man… ask him to show you one.

16. ‘Never have I ever…farted in public and blamed it on someone else.’

Did he reallly drink to that?!

16 never have i ever questions

17. ‘Never have I ever…wanted to try handcuffs in bed.’


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Published on May 23, 2017
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