#MyStory: Why I Finally Accepted His Proposal!

#MyStory: Why I Finally Accepted His Proposal!

Throughout my college days, I was more focused on my grades so that I could get a scholarship at a university in the United Kingdom. My social life was nil, I had no boyfriends and the only breaks I would allow myself were for movies every weekend, and a trip to the hills once in three months.

The only thing constant were my school friends. Karan was one of them. He had been my best friend during school days, but in college, he confessed his love for me and things got a bit awkward because I was dating someone else. After school, he went away to Australia to study and I was at Delhi University.

We would meet every time he would visit, which was actually very rare. We never discussed dating or our current love interests when we’d have a conversation.

After college, I did get through to my preferred college in UK and his work brought him to London the same time that I was there. Of course, I was excited to see him. We hung out a lot and spent a good amount of time with each other. By the end of that trip, he asked me to marry him! I was shocked and shrugged it off saying he was crazy to ask me something like that. But he persisted. I had to really explain to him that I didn’t feel the same way. Needless to say, it was an awkward situation.

Internal why I said yes to him

Once his work in London was over, he went back to Australia while I got a job in London. But that’s when the sad news came in. My mother was diagnosed with the last stage of cancer. I went back home to spend time with her. Karan had also flown down to be with me during this trying time.

Karan would keep flying in every second month to check up on me. Then the last time he came, he took me for a drive and just randomly stopped the car somewhere in the middle and asked me to marry him again.

This time, I just couldn’t say no. He had been my strength through the hardships, and accepted me the way I was. He loved me and didn’t give up on me over the years. I knew he was right for me. He really was everything I wanted in my husband and that’s why I said yes to him! We’ve been married for 3 years now, and the only thing I think of now is how I wish I had married him sooner!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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