10 Reasons A Desi Wedding Is The BEST Place To… Find *Love*

10 Reasons A Desi Wedding Is The BEST Place To… Find *Love*

Still single and ever ready to mingle?! You need to start attending those weddings that you usually try and avoid. Shaadis really are the best place to find your special someone. Or maybe just your next date. And we really have some serious arguments to back up our claim! Here are 10 reasons why real weddings are the best matchmaking app! So go ahead and meet someone at a shaadi...someone special. *Wink*

1. You’re dressed to impress

You know you don’t have to make that special effort. You’re already all decked up in fabulous Indian wear. Your hair is all set, the makeup is perfect and you basically look like you just stepped out of a Karan Johar movie!

1 meet someone at a shaadi

2. There are NO deadlines!

Tell your dad you’re off for a date and he’s sure to give you a strict 10 PM deadline. But for your friend’s wedding, returning home in the wee hours is acceptable. And that gives you a whole lot of time to find, flirt and make friends with him!

3. All the eligible bachelors in one place!

Naah...you don’t have to keep swiping left and right to find one decent man. Shaadis mean not one, not two, but at least 10 - 11 amazing men in that one venue. Now isn’t that like a super dhamaka deal?!

3 meet someone at a shaadi

4. Love is in the air

You can’t ignore the fact that weddings are so full of love, emotion and romance. There is just something in the air, you know! And seeing ‘the’ couple all happy and in love makes even the most unromantic person crave for a partner.  

5. Dance your way to love

Okay, we don’t mean to sound cheesy but dancing does get you closer. And our weddings are nothing but a lot of dancing. So be it performing at the sangeet with a cute guy or just bumping into someone super hot on the dance floor...sparks are sure to fly.

5 meet someone at a shaadi

6. It is SO easy to approach someone!

Really, it is right?! You don’t have to think about what, when, how. You can just go ahead, chat up and there are just so many topics to kick-start a conversation. No stress there!

7. And it’s also so chill

Like no nerves, no pressure, no stress. You’re in a chill, festive mood and so are the others. Conversation just flows naturally. It’s just the best...unlike those planned dates or rishta meetings.

7 meet someone at a shaadi

8. Bye-bye awkwardness

Five hundred people at the venue and everyone busy in their own circles - that just makes things less awkward. It’s not like sitting in a cosy restaurant with a constant need to keep the conversation going. You can totally be yourself.

9. There is ALWAYS a matchmaker in the crowd

Always! Some aunty is trying to fix up her son or some friend of yours is trying to fix up her single friends at a shaadi. There are multiple cupids all around the wedding venue and so, it surely is a very good opportunity to find ‘the one’!

9 meet someone at a shaadi

10. Forgotten in a night

Got chatting and lost interest somewhere midway? Or he just didn’t turn out to be your type? No worries. You don’t have to stick around for long. Just say bye-bye and get going. After all, you may never see the guy again!

Convinced yet?!

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