13 *Naughty* Texts That Will Keep You On His Mind ALL Day!

13 *Naughty* Texts That Will Keep You On His Mind ALL Day!

Flirting is so much fun and so effective too! And it’s quite impossible to be with your boyfriend all the time, right? So, for all those times, here are 13 fun and flirty texts to send to your boyfriend that will make him think of you all day. Give it a shot, ladies. We are sure it will work. *Wink*

1. ‘Thinking of you.’

Cliché but a total classic!!!

2. ‘Should I wear a short skirt or a really short skirt?'

And that’s how you crank up the temperature.

3. ‘How about some arm wrestling? I don’t mind losing to a hottie like you!’

Because no one’s really losing, right?

3.texts to send to your boyfriend

4. ‘A surprise awaits you tonight. I think you're really gonna like it. *Wink*’

Keep guessing baby!

5. ‘Can you guess the colour of the bra I am wearing today?’

Even if he cannot, he probably won’t be able to stop thinking about you!

6. ‘What would you do if I was with you right now?’

Would be interesting to know, right? Plus it will give him (naughty) ideas.

 6.texts to send to your boyfriend

7. ‘You were in my dream last night… It was fun!’

Now you don’t have to define fun, really!

8. ‘You looked dapper in that outfit.’

Men love compliments too.

9. ‘Guess you are busy, but please add me on your ‘to-do’ list.’

This one will have him smiling from ear to ear.

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10. ‘I’m still wearing the smile you gave me when I saw you.’

Such distraction! *Sigh*

11. ‘Don’t you think the colour blue and I look good on you?’

No room for subtleties.

12. ‘Stop thinking of me – I’m getting hiccups.’

It’s probably gonna make him blush a little.

12.texts to send to your boyfriend

13. I love your lips, they look delicious.

Yum! *Naughty smile*

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