Dear Future Husband, 10 Reasons I'm Not In A Rush To Meet You

Dear Future Husband, 10 Reasons I'm Not In A Rush To Meet You

As we girls enter our late twenties and cross the 25 year age bracket, everyone around us seems to get really bothered about our lives and marriage plans. Although, there is no ‘right age’ to get married and while many girls our age are already married, there are some of us who are still unmarried. Our future husbands might just be round the corner, but as of now, we are in no rush to meet them as we are content with our present lives.

1. I have a job I love

I am very happy because I love my job and am doing what I had always dreamt of doing. It’s taking up a lot of time in my life at the moment and I’m happily engrossed in it; so dear hubby, please take all the time you need. *Wink*

1 in no rush to meet my future husband

2. I want to be independent and financially secure before I get married

I don’t want to be dependent on anyone for anything. Before I get married, I want to be financially secure and independent and want to contribute equally to the household expenses. Till then you too can take your own sweet time and that’s okay!

3. I want to travel the world on my own

Dear future husband, I know you won’t stop me from travelling once we get married but as of now, I want to travel the world alone and with my friends. I am sure we both will also travel after marriage and enjoy life but at this point in my life, I want to explore new adventures on my own.

3 in no rush to meet my future husband

4. I need to discover myself

Up until now, I have lived my life according to the norms and guidelines of school and college but now that I have entered the professional and corporate world, I have started exploring a new side to my personality. I have begun to understand my potential and I really want to put in time and effort into doing this right now.

5. I am not ready for adulthood… Yet

Marriage isn’t going to be easy and even though I would love to spend my life with you, it will bring a change in our lives. Marriage is beautiful but it also comes with many responsibilities, expectations, hard work and compromise and as of now I do not think I am mentally prepared to take on all of this just yet.

5 in no rush to meet my future husband

6. Tick off my bucket list

My bucket list contains many things that I have planned to do before I get married. Since most of the things on the list haven’t been ticked yet, I need you to take some time before entering my life!

7. Because single life is awesome!

Singlehood undoubtedly gives us some of the most memorable moments in life. I am still enjoying sleepovers with my besties and day-night binge watching my fave tv shows. I would really love to do all of this, and more a little while longer.

7 in no rush to meet my future husband

8. It will give me time to clear off all my baggage

I want to enjoy your company and enjoy the life that I build with you, once we get married. And when I meet you, I want to start with a clean slate. So this time that you and I aren’t together, it’s going to give me time to clear off all the baggage from my past relationships.

9. I get to be with mommy and daddy a little longer...

… And there’s nothing in the world that can possibly beat this reason, or even come close!

9 in no rush to meet my future husband

10. Oh, and also because you would be my second husband

My first husband’s name is Netflix. I hope you would understand and accept him!

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