Dear Fiance, I’m Nervous Too But Here’s Why We’ll Be Just *Fine*

Dear Fiance, I’m Nervous Too But Here’s Why We’ll Be Just *Fine*

My Dear Fiancé,

We’re going to get married soon and yet, the feeling hasn’t sunk in. Despite the mad shopping and the planning, all of it still feels unreal. So, I understand if you’re feeling kinda nervous and jittery too (even though, the sweet man that you are, you aren’t saying it out loud). Which is why, I thought of telling you just why we need to keep our doubts aside and have fun. We’ll be awesome together partner, but if you do need a li’l reminder why, let me list out for you 10 ah-mazing reasons we will be happy together.

1. We can make each other laugh.

Don’t you underestimate our ability to laugh along boy, for it is the magic ingredient that’ll see us through difficult times and keep us together when the going gets tough.

1 reasons we will be happy together

2. We can keep our egos aside for one another.

And that’s saying something, for not every couple I know can let go of their ego to save their relationship. Our love for one another is greater than our need to be proven right and that’s the most vital essence of every healthy relationship.

3. We don’t argue in public and don’t discuss our problems with everybody.

We may have different opinions but we know better than arguing over them in public. We are also mature enough to realise that sharing our personal problems with others will only worsen them and no one will be able to offer a better solution to our problem than us.

3 reasons we will be happy together

4. We don’t have any unresolved issues and we never go to bed angry.

Of course we fight, just like any other couple, but what’s important is how we resolve them. I love how we communicate well and let each other know what’s disturbing us and find ways to work past it. We don’t hold grudges against each other, for anything big or small and never let one another go to bed angry or upset.

5. We believe in each others’ dreams and push one another towards them.

We are and will be there for each others’ highs and lows and keep providing strength to one another to work towards realising our dreams. Together, I know, we will make them all come true.

5 reasons we will be happy together

6. We know all that there is to know about each others’ past.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has done things in the past they regret. But we have bared the truth to each other and made our peace with it. I am proud how we never bring up the past to win arguments. We don’t let it ruin our present.

7. We have also discussed our future and have the money and kid situation, in check.

Of course, no one knows what the future holds and neither can it ever really be planned. And yet, it is important to know where our partner stands on certain future events, like planning kids or keeping savings. I am glad we have talked it out and are on the same page about it all.

7 reasons we will be happy together

8. We are compatible with each other.

I feel that compatibility isn’t given as much importance as it should be. In every relationship, some years down the line, when love and chemistry start getting old, it is compatibility that keeps the boat of life from drowning. We can spend every day of the rest of our lives together, ‘coz we can get along with each other as two individuals and that’s a major bonus.

9. We have a great chemistry.

I love when you are close to me, your gruff voice in the morning, your ruffled hair, your stupid smile, your warm chest. I love the way I feel about you, physically and emotionally and our sizzling chemistry will set many nights to come on fire, baby! *Wink*

9 reasons we will be happy together

10. And in the end, we love each other.

Like they say in the songs and the movies, love is all we need. As long as we continue to love one another in health and in sickness, for better or worse, I promise we will be fine and will have our ‘happily married’ forever.

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