Confessions Of A Bride Who Doesn’t Want A Big Fat Indian Shaadi

Confessions Of A Bride Who Doesn’t Want A Big Fat Indian Shaadi

Hi, I’m a bride-to-be and today I take you into a world that you may not be familiar with. Yeah, I show you the inner workings of my unconventional mind. I usually hate following the tide and that’s the protocol I wanted to keep with my wedding too! So if you’re a little hatke and unconventional too, you’ll totally relate to most of these honest confessions of a non traditional bride, AKA, yours truly.

1. I really don’t care all that much about my clothes.

Okay, I know you think this is humanly impossible for a bride. But I swear, I’m telling the truth. I don’t want to worry about being the most stylish bride or being too heavily dressed or saving up for a dreamy Sabya lehenga. As long as I feel pretty and can move around easily – I’m sorted!

1 non traditional bride

2. I’m dreading Sangeet rehearsals

It’s not that I don’t like dancing. It’s just that the idea of trying to coordinate everyone is really giving me some mild form of anxiety.

3. The thought of penis themed cupcakes is off-putting!

I really love my girls and would love to spend quality time with them and obviously a wild bachelorette night too, but phallic objects are not part of the plan I had in mind! You know what I mean?

3 non traditional bride

4. I can’t emphasize enough on how much I like to keep it simple

For some strange reason, weddings in India are always larger than life. This one thing really irks me. Not everyone wants a big, fat, Indian wedding – I’d much rather keep things simple and meaningful!

5. I dread shopping on some days!

I feel like the minute you say the word “bride”, they start showing you ugly, shimmery outfits that are just not my style!

5 non traditional bride

6. I’m tired of everyone’s opinions

Yes, you can brand me ‘unconventional’ or ‘quirky’ or whatever you please, but I have very specific ideas of how I want my wedding to be. And I’m just as entitled to my opinion as you are to yours.

7. The wedding isn’t the only thing

Something beautiful is going to follow the wedding; it’s called a marriage. I’d much rather focus on building my new life with the man I love!

7 non traditional bride

8. I hate all this ‘lena-dena’

I think the progressive (and sensible) thing to do is cut out all these age old customs that were honestly just clever ways to extort the girls’ side.

9. I will most likely choose comfort over anything else.

Yes, that mean’s flats over heels.

9 non traditional bride

10. I’d much rather restrict the guest list to very close people.

The thought of people I don’t really know coming to my wedding at my expense and gossiping about ME doesn’t appeal to me one bit. I’d rather keep it intimate and full of good vibes only!

11. Pinterest is my best friend.

I’m very big on referencing and since people can’t seem to fathom that I want things done differently I happen to search for references on everything! PS – What I can’t find, I sketch!

11 non traditional bride

12. I’m super scared the makeup artist will mess up!

This is only because I want minimum makeup. I find most girls looking like Christmas trees on their shaadi day and even the thought of that overwhelms me!

13. Sometimes it’s frustrating...

As a bride, you have so many things going on, both emotionally and physically. To add to that, if you’re never on the same page as everyone around you, it is tough; I won’t deny that. But the pleasure of watching your dream wedding coming to life – piece by piece – is unparalleled. :)

13 non traditional bride

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