Confessions Of A Woman Whose Boyfriend Asked Her To Spank Him

Confessions Of A Woman Whose Boyfriend Asked Her To Spank Him

Date nights for me and my boyfriend came around quite often! We were both living away from home for our studies and even though my PG did not allow boys to stay the night, his flat had no such restrictions. So almost every weekend I would be chilling at his place instead of mine.

This one night we were just watching a movie together, I can’t remember which one it was, but it was really boring. So, for obvious reasons, we started making out. In the middle of it, he lightly spanked me! A little weirded out because he had never done this before, I asked him ‘What was that?’

‘A spank?’ he asked, more than answered.

‘Oh.’ I replied back. ‘Was that weird for you?’ he asked after a few seconds. ‘No, I mean, yeah, it’s just that you've never done that before.’ I replied.

‘So you’re saying nobody has ever spanked you before?’ he asked. By now we had actually stopped making out and were just talking with me on top of him.

‘No.’ I replied flatly, feeling like a bit of an amateur.

‘And you have never spanked anyone either?’


‘You should try then!’

‘What? No!’

‘C’mon, go ahead and spank me!’

He turned me over and sat on the bed on all fours, putting me in a strategic position to spank him. I laughed, ‘You’re such a weirdo!’ I said as I lightly spanked him.

Internal spanking her boyfriend

‘Give it another shot.’ He said ‘No! This is weird!’ I replied ‘Is it? You didn’t like it at all?’ he asked. I looked at his cute little butt in front of my face and sighed - I did kinda like it. So I spanked him again. Then he actually helped me understand how much pressure I should apply and where. After three or fours spanks, I actually found myself quite aroused.

‘Hey, come here!’ I said, pulling him closer so that now he was on top of him. And while we kissed and the kissing led to other hotter stuff, I threw in a few spanks here and then. Even though I would never have believed it if someone would have told me this five minutes ago, I actually enjoyed spanking him. What’s better? He liked getting spanked too!

Overall, it turned out to be quite a night for us. One during which I figured out one more thing I like about having a boyfriend! *Wink*

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