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14 Little Ways Life Changes As Soon As You Get *Engaged*!

14 Little Ways Life Changes As Soon As You Get *Engaged*!

You got that rock on your ring finger! Congratulations! Isn’t it interesting how while you may have known this for a few days, now that it has happened, things are different – life feels different. Everything has changed. Suddenly, you are the center of everyone’s attention. Here, we give you 14 ways your life changes when you get engaged. Go ahead – enjoy the phase – because trust us, you are going to miss it later.

1. You want the world to know you are hooked and booked.

Finally, you are, and you just love the feeling of the blush on your cheeks every time you tell someone, ‘I’m engaged’.

2. Manicures are a must!

You get a manicure more often now, and each time you do, it takes you forever to decide which nail paint goes best with your sparkling new ring. 2 life changes when you get engaged

3. Everyone wants to know how you met.

Everyone’s ‘Jab We Met’ story is different and no matter how much you fake it that you are tired of narrating it – inside, you love your own story and are happy to share it with anyone who wants to know.

4. You both have new titles all of a sudden.

From ‘this is my boyfriend’ to ;err, no, I mean, my fiancé.’ It takes some getting used to. And girl, did we see you blush on that thought?

5. You have a whole new family.

In his family’s head, you are already their bahu. So now that you are family, you’ve got to play the part. You can’t miss wishing them on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions.

6. Your research skills are at their peak.

Even if you have eight months to go for the shaadi, your phone, tablet and laptop (even the office computer) has a folder where you’ve save images of wedding décor ideas and outfits. You can’t help but scroll through Pinterest and Instagram for your lehenga, hair and makeup inspiration.
6 life changes when you get engaged

7. Going to other’s weddings is a different experience now.

First off – no stress of aunties asking you why you are still single. Next, you are more excited to scrutinize every detail at the shaadi to see what you should and should not do at your own wedding.

8. Everyone wants to know when the big day is.

‘When’s the big day?’ is a question you get to here ever so often. And you are half-blushing-half-stressed as you answer it. ‘Oh my God….six weeks to go!’

9. Your social calendar is choc-a-blocked.

With all the wedding preps, family drama and friends’ outings - your social scene is jam packed now.

10. Weight loss is a big agenda.

Even if you are skinny – you don’t want to deal with an extra ounce or inch on your big day. Less is more and fitting in the dream lehenga is a mission you cannot ignore. 10 life changes when you get engaged

11. Social media cleanup is due.

While you are more cautious now about what pictures and updates to post on your social media (since the new family will be watching and judging) a massive cleanup in also on the cards, just so that they don’t faint in horror after watching the video in which you downed 10 shots. Atta girl, but not here, not now.

12. The families are bonding, and how!

Over the wedding details mostly, and it is good to see that.

13. Your family starts to pamper you more than ever.

Because, well, you’ll be gone soon. There will be more ‘one last time before your wedding’ occasions than you can imagine.

14. There are way too many decisions to be made.

From the guest list, to finalising the venue and the menu, your lehenga, trousseau…ufff…too much to do. Get on with it, girl 14 life changes when you get engaged GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Apr 6, 2017
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