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16 Thoughts EVERY Bride Has While Walking Towards The Mandap!

16 Thoughts EVERY Bride Has While Walking Towards The Mandap!
All those months of preparation, all that excitement, all the planning, all the shopping, all the dreaming – it finally leads up to this moment. You may be the calmest person in general but you’re bound to think at least some of these things walking towards the mandap and towards your new life.

1. THIS. IS. IT!

I can’t believe it’s time...

2. Okay, I’m really trying so damn hard not to cry right now.

*Blinks back tears* 2 walking towards the mandap

3. Wait, I’m not feeling stressed. Is that normal? Should I be feeling nervous?

*Looks around at everyone else to check their expressions*

4. I really hope I don’t trip and fall.

Now that’s my worst nightmare, right there!

5. Why can’t I see my groom?!

I knew I should have worn my lenses! Dulha kahaan hai?!

6. Listen, I’m not sure if I’m ready to be a wife and all.

Too late for that thought, huh? 6 walking towards the mandap

7. Oh, yay! I spot him; he looks so calm and happy...

Okay, fine, guess I can breathe again.

8. I’m running on 2 hours of sleep, the pandit better make this quick!

Nahin toh full sleeping beauty scenes will happen!

9. This rasam-rivaaj thing is seeming so filmy.

*Pinches self to check if it’s all a dream*

10. I’m so not ready to say goodbye to my parents...

I’m going to break down if I look at them! 10 walking towards the mandap

11. Wait, where’s my sister – why can’t I see her?

She better not be busy flirting with someone right now! Uff!

12. Am I smiling too much? Or am I not smiling enough?

Someone should write a manual on this stuff!

13. I hope the DJ stops the song right on cue.

But I shouldn’t be worrying about that, right?!

14. EVERYONE is staring.

That’s a good thing, no? Tell me that’s a good thing! 14 walking towards the mandap

15. The mandap looks gorgeous...

I knew pink flowers were a better idea than red!

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16. New life – ready or not, here I come!

*Beams at (almost) husband* GIFs : Giphy, Tumblr