10 Sweet Little Things He *Really* Wants To Hear You Say!

10 Sweet Little Things He *Really* Wants To Hear You Say!
You probably think your man doesn’t love the cheesy things you say and wonder why he’d want to hear it from you? Well, you’d be surprised to know… Beneath that exterior, every man has a sensitive, emotional side that craves to hear sweet nothings occasionally! Whether it’s a compliment or something more meaningful, here are 10 lil’ things your boyfriend wants to hear from you, but will never admit to!

1. ‘Baby, have you been working out? ‘Coz I’m loving those muscles!’

If your man is trying to get fitter and has incorporated a fitness regime in his routine, a few words of encouragement from you will surely keep him motivated. 1 things your boyfriend wants to hear

2. ‘About two things I am absolutely positive - First, I have never been happier. And second, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you.’

Sometimes all you need is a cheesy movie dialogue to make your man's day. Thank Twilight, for this one!

3. ‘You make me go weak in the knees every time I see you!’

Yes, it is TRUE. Now stop blushing! 3 things your boyfriend wants to hear

4. ‘You make me incredibly proud of being your girl.’

‘Coz he needs to know that you respect him and hold him in high regard. And that you’re super proud of him.

5. ‘I couldn't have been luckier that you came into my life!’

Crush him with some much needed mush! He will chuckle! 5 things your boyfriend wants to hear

6. ‘Let’s Netflix and chill at my place today?!’

Add to that a cheesy pizza and a few chilled beers. He’s going to tell his boys you’re the best girlfriend ever!

7. ‘You can count on me like one two three… I’ll be there!’

Everyone needs some TLC now and then, especially when they are having a bad day. Let him know that you’ll always stand by him - in good times and in bad!
7 things your boyfriend wants to hear

8. ‘Hellooo, hotness!’

This may sound obvious, but just like you, your guy also needs to feel like he’s the most handsome man you’ve ever met! Especially when you’re in bed… That’s a great time to say it! *wink*

9. ‘I love you’

This always, always works! Spin your wand and say these three magical words to give him butterflies in his tummy! 9 things your boyfriend wants to hear

10. ‘You give me a 100 reasons to be happy!’

Actually 101, I forgot to count your super cute smile! GIFs: Tumblr