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11 Things *He* Wants You To Do More Often - In Bed & Out!

Arya Khanna

Guest Contributor

You know what, men aren't too different from women when it comes to the little things. Seriously, except for the flowers and chocolates, maybe (some of them like that as well), they too, love being pampered and cared for. They want you to listen, take the lead and be nice to them. Here are 11 things guys want you to do more often - in bed and out of it too! Read on, girls!

1. Tell him he is irresistible

Your man likes to be told how awesome he is. Just like how you need to be told you are pretty and beautiful often. He’s the same!

2. A lil’ romance never hurts

Men may not say it all the time but they crave for romance too. Go out for a nice romantic dinner or just order in your favourite food and get drunk! He wants these moments, just as much as you!

3. Take charge

Get on top and lead the fun under the sheets. Or be the one to plan your holiday together. It could be anything, he just wants you to take charge sometimes!

3 things guys want you to do

4. Have fun, his way

Those little things, from watching that match with him or giving him a surprise by buying him tickets to his favourite game… He really wants you to do the thing he will like, too! And that includes stuff he likes to do in bed!

5. Lend him a hand...

… At a presentation he’s struggling to complete. And may be down there too, of course after the presentation is complete! *Wink*

6. A hot massage

Sometimes, a gentle foot massage or a Sunday morning head and shoulder massage will really melt his stress away. And if you’re in the mood to get naughty, top it with a body massage!

6 things guys want you to do

7. Make some noise

Men love when you express how good he makes you feel when you two are at it. Moan, and make some noise that will make him feel good about himself! And ladies, he even likes the social media shout outs you give him!

8. Listen to him

Sometimes, we fail to see things from their perspective. Stop, breathe and listen to what he wants to say - in bed and out of it too. It will make him so happy!

9. Make unexpected plans

Be it showing up at his doorstep when he’s upset, throwing him a surprise birthday party or giving him a kinky gift! Make plans that will take him by surprise.

9 things guys want you to do

10. Use your tongue

More often than you do, generally! For a mind blowing kiss - on his mouth and down there too!

11. Get out of your comfort zone

It’s okay to get accustomed to your comfort zone, but every once in a while, try to get out of your comfort zone and try something different. It could be a new cuisine or it could be a new toy! *wink*

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Published on Apr 27, 2017
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