signs your relationship is perfect

11 Signs Your Relationship Is More Perfect Than You Think It Is!

Phalasha Nagpal

Guest Contributor

Every relationship has its ups and downs and at times it may feel that things are going downhill. Just like everything else, relationships aren't perfect but that’s what makes bring in one incredibly fun, interesting and SO real. So here are a few signs your relationship is perfect (even if it doesn’t feel that way). Read on and keep checking them off your list…

1. You are both there for each other when it really counts.

... Even if you are unable to always be there for each other.

1 signs your relationship is perfect

2. He shows you that he loves you through his gestures and actions.

... Even though he may not say it as often.

3. You both usually have a lot of fun together!                  

You may have occasional fights and disagreements which are actually healthy in any relationship.

4. You’ve both found common interests and enjoy exploring new things together.

... Even though you may not particularly enjoy all of each other’s interests.

4 signs your relationship is perfect

5. You both make important decisions together!

He may bully you into watching superhero movies every now and then but when an important decision has to be made, you both have equal say in it.

6. You both are sexually intimate.

… Even though you sometimes may not be in the mood or he may not want to try that sensual love making scene from a rom com that you watched.

7. He shows you that he is sorry when he hurts or upsets you.

... Even though he might not explicitly say the word ‘sorry’.

7 signs your relationship is perfect

8. If you both forgive each other and let things go.

… Every time you act silly or he annoys the hell out of you.

9. You both communicate with each other comfortably and freely!

Especially when you both may not agree on the same things.

10. You both are your true selves with each other.

... Even if that means that you have a shopping problem or that he needs to be reminded to brush his teeth every day before going to bed.

10 signs your relationship is perfect

11. You both trust each other.

... And give each other privacy and space.

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Published on Apr 05, 2017
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