10 Styling Tips For The Bride To Look *Taller* In Indian Wear!

10 Styling Tips For The Bride To Look *Taller* In Indian Wear!
If you’re a bride-to-be who’s not too tall, selecting a bridal outfit that will not take away from your height, and will, in turn, make you look taller, is quite a task! Be it finding the right length of the lehenga or the items for your trousseau, here are 10 Indian wear styling tips for the short bride to look on point!

1. The length of the lehenga

The length of the lehenga is a deciding factor in making you look shorter or taller. Your lehenga, ideally should start around your navel and end a few inches below your feet. A lehenga that’s worn too high on the waist with the midriff barely showing can make you look shorter. Have at least three-four inches of space between your blouse and lehenga.

2. Select the right embroideries

2 styling tips Embroideries can take your look from zero to 10 in no time. If you’re short, try to go for embroideries that aren’t over the top or overpowering. Try simpler pieces that have embroidery that’s delicate yet striking. Gota-patti embroidery or even pointillist embroidery will look stunning on every short bride.

3. Pay attention to the fitting

This one’s very crucial. Your lehenga might just be a skirt at the end of the day, but it needs to fit your figure perfectly because it can make you look shorter and broader. Ensure the waist is rightly measured leaving you enough space to breathe. Also keep in mind the amount of can-can you want to put underneath your lehenga. You don’t want that to be a surprise.

4. The fabric you choose

4 styling tips Don’t wear stiff fabrics as they restrict movement and look more clumsy. Most bridal outfits are generally heavy and have a fabric that’s not all that lightweight. But if you want to look even a wee bit taller, try getting your bridal outfit in a fabric that’s breezy and easy to style. Opt for silks, chiffons and georgettes as the base of your outfit.

5. Jewellery talk

While most brides are decked up in jewellery, if you’re not all that tall, you may want to balance your look and wear it properly. Your jewellery shouldn’t be all over the place because if every piece is bold and big, it’s only going to make you look shorter. If you’re going for a bold pair of earrings, minimize the necklaces.

6. Choose the neckline carefully

6 styling tips Avoid wearing high necks or bandhgalas. They will make your neck look shorter and spoil your overall look. Go for necklines that show off your collarbone and ones that are broad, like a U-shaped one or a V-neck. Even if you don’t like wearing deep necks, try to wear something that shows your neck and gives a break from your busy outfit.

7. The borders are important

When you’re getting your bridal outfit stitched, be it a lehenga or a saree, steer clear of broad borders as they will definitely make you look shorter. Opt for narrow borders and give the broad, embroidered ones a miss.

8. Choose the right colours

8 styling tips Colours play a very vital role in making you look shorter or taller. Ditch the light, pastel shades and go for the neutral and deeper shades instead. You can give the pastel pinks, yellows and greens a miss and opt for reds, dark pinks and burgundy, instead!

9. The length of the blouse

The length of your blouse can define how tall or short you look. Ensure that your blouse is of the right length and is in sync with your figure. For instance, if you have a broad frame, you must go for a longer blouse.

10. Anarkalis for the win

10 styling tips Anarkalis can look great on you if you pay attention to the length and ghera. Make sure it fits well and doesn’t have too many varying patterns on it. A one-tone anarkali with minimal embellishments will definitely give you the illusion of height. Internal Images: Shutterstock