OTP, LIT, FHB: 11 *New* Words Every Bride & Her BFFs Must Know!

OTP, LIT, FHB: 11 *New* Words Every Bride & Her BFFs Must Know!
The coolest brides use the coolest wedding terms to hashtag their pictures. Even their venue and invites stand out for they sprinkle fun and new words in everything they do. So, if you are planning your wedding or helping your bestie plan hers, might we suggest you take a look at these new wedding terms? It can’t get more *lit* than this!

1. Bridechilla

She is the super chill bride who isn’t stressing about her makeup, clothes, venue, food, guests, et al. She is having fun at her own wedding like a bawse, and is basically the opposite of the bridezilla, who is losing her mind over all the planning. 1 new wedding terms

2. Feyonce

Just a fancier way of writing fiancé. Inspired by Beyonce, of course, the original queen of all things cool.

3. Hen party

A party thrown by a bride’s besties in honour of her last night as a single woman. Yes, a bachelorette party, but no we shan’t call it that when we can say ‘hen party’ and leave people guessing.    3 new wedding terms

4. FHB

No shaadi ka ghar is complete without many, many relatives crashing over for days in advance with food supplies eventually running out. That’s when you use this code word to tell the family to hold back. FHB = family hold back. Useful, right?  

5. Snatched

Still using fleek and slay? You gotta upgrade to snatched. It serves almost the same meaning – to say something is perfect or on point – but is just a tad bit more trendy to use.   5 new wedding terms

6. Sweetheart table

That special table reserved for the bride and her groom at their wedding reception, them newly-wed sweethearts.

7. Ship

There’s a new word in town for romantic relationships (or just a shorter version of what already was!) Yup, to ‘ship’ two people means to wish them into a relationship. So, you totally ship your bestie and her crush – get it?   7 new wedding terms

8. Sis

Sis is the new bro and we are SO glad. Sis, we hope you help your squad advance to this new term, then.   

9. OTP

That’s short for One True Pairing, or the one couple you totally believe in. The one couple who is your concept of soulmate, your #couplegoals.   9 new wedding terms

10. Groupfie

You know the selfie you take with the entire group? Yup, that’s a groupfie. Now you know what to call all those group shots you’ll take at the next wedding.  

11. Lit

How do you explain a person/thing/ place that’s amazeballs fantastic? You say ‘it was lit’. Yup, a three letter word to express all the many exciting emotions. 11 new wedding terms GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr