#HeSays: 10 *Naughty* Pictures Every Guy Secretly Wants! | POPxo

#HeSays: 10 *Naughty* Pictures Every Guy Secretly Wants!

#HeSays: 10 *Naughty* Pictures Every Guy Secretly Wants!
With the Snapchat age came this one great trend of sending your partner dirty pictures - and we're ever so thankful for it! Here are a few types of naughty, sexy pictures guys like to receive from the girls in their lives… In no particular order. (Are you listening, Girlfriend?!)

1. The lingerie-trial picture

Nothing fancy, just you in a sexy lace bra… Damn, it's almost hotter than a picture of your boobs. Almost.

2. The just-woke-up selfie with a twist

If you sleep in the nude, we so totally want your I-woke-up-like-this selfie and we want it just for our eyes only.

3. The come-join-me-in-the-shower picture

Don't let the steam get in the way of us seeing you, though - we want to be able to make out each and every drop of water that's clinging to your body! 3 sexy pictures guys like

4. The full-nude shot

Your cell phone has this amazing feature - a self-timer! Please use it to click a full-body shot of yours? We'll be SO thrilled!

5. The getting-hot-in-here selfie

In which you proceed to take off all your clothes… Or, at least, give us a glimpse of exactly how little you're wearing!

6. The miss-you pic

You know the one in which you're on the bed and doing things that you wish we had been doing to you had we been there? That pic! 6 sexy pictures guys like

7. The virtual striptease

A slideshow of sorts - with one more item of clothing missing as we progress. This will have us hooked to the screen!

8. The one with a naughty caption

Sometimes an innocent picture can be turned into something naughty with the help of a few explicit words…

9. The POV bodyshot

Looking at your beautiful body from your point of view… What a stunning picture! And since your one hand would be free... You know where we're going with this, right?!
9 sexy pictures guys like

10. The licking-an-ice-candy picture

It's a schoolboy thing that we never really grew out of. Sorry, ladies! We still get super turned on by this kind of picture. Can't be helped! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr, Shutterstock