10 AMAZING Waxing Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know!

10 AMAZING Waxing Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know!
The wonderful, clean feeling after getting your body waxed is unparalleled. But the process in itself is quite a dreaded and painful one, isn’t it? However, there are some amazing hacks, which you can always keep in mind, to make this hair removal method an almost pain-free and easy one. Here are 10 waxing hacks that every girl should know. They really help!

1. Exfoliate well in advance

1 waxing hacks This is rule number 1, ladies. Exfoliate your skin using either a homemade scrub, or a store bought one - whatever works for you. Scrubbing off the dead skin will make the in-growth appear on the surface of the skin, which will in turn be waxed off from the roots. If you want super smooth, fuzz-free skin then exfoliating is a must!

2. Maintain hair length

The ideal hair length before getting it waxed is 1/4th to 3/4th of an inch. If it’s too short, then you’re just irritating your skin and hair removal doesn’t happen in the most efficient manner. It’s always better to wait it out till your hair is the right length and then book your waxing appointment.  

3. Stretch it out

3 waxing hacks Want a pain-free waxing session? Then stretching is key! Pulling off a waxing strip from on top of loose skin can not only cause pain, but it can also damage your skin by pulling it too hard. Stretching out the areas that are being waxed will make it a more comfortable process for you. Also, doing some stretching beforehand will open up your muscles and make it easier to stretch at all angles.

4. Timing tricks

Going in for waxing just before you get your period isn’t a smart move, ladies. This is because your skin is more sensitive at the time and it might be a more painful process, just before that time of the month. The best time to get waxed is 2-3 days after your period is over.

5. No caffeine, please

5 waxing hacks It is believed that consuming caffeine before waxing makes it a more painful process. This is primarily because the stimulants that enter the system can make you more sensitive to pain. Steer clear of caffeinated drinks on the day you are getting your waxing done, and you’ll be just fine.

6. Bring on the baby powder

Applying some baby powder on the area, that’s about to be waxed, is another trick that will make your waxing session a more efficient one. This is because the powder absorbs all the excess moisture, which makes it easier for the wax to be applied and thereby, the hair is removed properly.

7. Go bit by bit

7 waxing hacks This one’s a given. Always opt for smaller sections of your body as opposed to going in for larger ones just to get done with it quickly. Working on smaller sections will remove the hair well and right from the roots. Going for larger sections will lead to some of the hair just breaking and not being removed entirely.

8. Apply pressure on the area immediately after

Pressing your hand on the area right after the waxing strip is pulled off makes this process less painful. This regulates blood flow in the area and that acts as an instant pain reliever.

9. Cooling cures

9 waxing hacks It could be ice, cucumber juice or aloe vera gel - applying any of these has a cooling effect on the skin. It is soothing after a harsh waxing session. It reduces inflammation, if any, and redness too. If you get blotchy skin after waxing, applying these coolants is your best bet!

10. Moisturize after

Giving your skin a nice boost of moisture after waxing, calms it and that results in smooth, silky skin. Use a good body lotion, or even some baby oil - they both work like magic! Images: Shutterstock