10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Have Super Protective Brother!

10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You Have Super Protective Brother!
A super protective brother may not sound like the most fun person to be around, but you’ve grown up with one and you know it’s not all that bad. In fact, you love your brother for caring a bit more than others do, even if he gets on your nerves sometimes. (Then again, which sibling doesn’t?) Here are 10 things you’ll totally get if you too have a super protective brother!

1. He insists on dropping you off and picking you up, than letting you drive anywhere on your own.

But that’s free pickup and drop facility for you and your friends. Who’s complaining?

2. Going out with friends means a there will be a 15 minutes session of cross-questioning with him.

Your poor friends have too often accompanied you for this exhausting session, dishing out every little detail of your plan.

3. He’s looked up and and ‘investigated’ almost all your guy friends...

And now no cute guy ever approaches you. But it also keeps those super cheesy guys at bay, so that’s okay! 3 protective brother

4. His hot friends treat you as his little sister always!

Refusing to look beyond his heaving muscles into your adoring eyes...

5. He calls you more times in a day than your parents do!

Almost behaving like a third parent sometimes.

6. Being in a relationship and keeping it a secret from your brother is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done!

But if the boyfriend manages to get your brother's approval, you know that he’s survived the toughest test and is a definite keeper! 6 protective brother

7. In fact, you suspect him of having this spy network that reports back to him about you, when he is not around…

Of course, it’s just his friends who kinda tell on you, but it feels like someone’s always watching your every move and it’s super annoying!

8. He teaches you these awesome ways to kick and push and defend yourself…

Even if it means getting punched and kicked himself to let you practise and learn.

9. He’ll leave no occasion to tease you…

But will seriously harm anyone who dares trouble you! He’s a mad man, really. 9 protective brother

10. You know you can ask of him anything, and he’ll do it for you…

How many people in your life can you say that for, huh? GIFs: Giphy